Street Fighter 6 could be officially announced. In any case, Capcom is on a countdown. Exactly why is not known, but there are rumors surrounding the unveiling of the new spin-off on the legendary brawler franchise. 

Capcom runs a countdown on a website set up especially for this purpose. In view of the effort involved, any announcement will be made on February 2nd – so far, however, it is unclear what exactly it will be about. At least there are some clues: It could be the announcement of Street Fighter 6.

Countdown ends with Pro Tour

Capcom lets the countdown end on the day of the end of the Pro Tour - this is only an indication, but the connection with a sequel to the Street Fighter series is obvious. There have been rumors about a successor for around two years – that would be Street Fighter 6 by now. The main series of the beating game has not produced particularly many offshoots since its debut in 1987, which makes the longing for a real sequel even greater among fans. And that's exactly what could finally be revealed.

Jeff Grubb also blows the same horn and oracles an announcement of Street Fighter 6. Basically, that should have already appeared – last year was expected for a release. However, there were problems with the development, among other things, game director Yoshinori Ono was sawed off, he even left the company later.

Street Fighter 6 is rumored to be in development for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC, but also for the next-gen PlayStation 5 and consoles Xbox Series X|p. A release has not yet been confirmed, but the beat'em up could appear in 2022, possibly even in spring. Fans will find out more as the countdown progresses on February 20th – maybe Capcom has just set the wrong track and it's about a completely different game. The announcement of a story DLC for Resident Evil Village would also be quite conceivable. So far, Capcom's release calendar for 2022 has not been full to bursting: there is a good chance that the game developer will make a new announcement or a remake announcement - Resident Evil 4? - surprised.

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