Streamlabs today announced the launch of Streamlabs Music. Accessible through the Streamlabs desktop app, the new platform offers an extensive selection of copyright-free music for creators to use in their live streams.

All songs and playlists are officially licensed by the Lickd licensing platform and are therefore suitable for free use on Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok or Facebook. Streamlabs Music is available for free and is available to download from the Streamlabs App Store.

Streaming content improvement tool

Paul Sampson, Chief Executive Officer of Lickd, said: “We are excited to partner with Streamlabs to provide a platform for creators to offer new ways to add music to their live streams. Streamlabs' innovative approach is a perfect fit for us and our role as the leading music streaming licensing platform. We're excited to give them another tool to enhance their content with Streamlabs Music.”

It's no secret that streamers are constantly confronted with copyright claims. Violations of copyright can result in channel blocking and severe penalties. Therefore, to ensure creators can stream worry-free, Streamlabs Music only stocks tracks that have been pre-licensed by Lickd for free use.

"Streamlabs Music makes music free of copyright easier to access while preventing conflicts with copyright claims," ​​said Ashray Urs, Head of Product at Streamlabs. “The platform is of paramount importance given the sheer number of creators adding music to their streams every day. Streamlabs proactively helps streamers comply with copyright laws, protecting both streamers and creators of the music.”

Through Streamlabs Music, creators have access to an extensive library of more than 20 different playlists, ranging from EDM to indie to game soundtracks from games like Minecraft or Call of Duty. In this way, creators can create a personal playlist that perfectly suits their ideas.

"Streamlabs Music is essential when it comes to putting an end to copyright disputes once and for all," says Matt Heavy, lead singer of Trivium and an avid Twitch streamer himself. "With so much free music to choose from, Streamlabs is the best option in this space - and so says one musician."

Streamlabs Music is available for free on the Streamlabs App Store and can be used through the Streamlabs Desktop App without installing any additional software. Open Streamlabs Music via the desktop app, register with your personal data and you're ready to go.

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