The strategy game experts at PSC Games cooperate with the video game studio Sega. The reason? An adaptation of Total War: Rome. The crowdfunding campaign for the board game is due to start this year. PSC Games is currently aiming for the fourth quarter of 2021.

PSC Games has not yet published much information about the adaptation of the video game Total War: Rome. However, the mere announcement of the board game based on the grandiose tactical game makes you sit up and take notice. Sega published Total War: Rome in 2004, and the title is still one of the genre greats today. The board game is financed via crowdfunding, but should also find its way into retailers next year.

Change of perspective and of course characters

At PSC Games they are pleased to be working with Sega and Creative Assembly to implement the brand as a board game, according to the strategy game experts. The game is developed by the designer Simon Hall, who previously developed titles such as Caveman or Field of Glory. The board game for Total War: Rome is according to PSC Games in an "advanced stage", which is probably the reason for the surprisingly timely launch window for the crowdfunding campaign. "Simon and our team will work incredibly hard to crowdfund the game in 2021 and bring it to the retail market in 2022," said PSC Games.

The board game version should capture the essence of the video game and implement the mechanics of the original in tabletop form. The board game for Total War: Rome will be playable with up to four players as leaders of Rome, Carthage, Greece and Gallo-Germania. The period from 250 BC is historically covered. BC to 50 BC Chr.

The strategic board game can be finished in less than three hours, according to PSC Games. Expansions are planned - they should allow the players to delve deeper into the management of the battles. Also optically, the board game will probably move around the original. The reason for this: PSC Games can use the works of Creative Assemblys Total War: Rome Remastered to create the miniatures.

Will Townshend, owner of PSC Games, says, "I'm a huge fan of Total War: Rome and it seemed like a clear idea to get Simon Hall to make a board game version of it."

Townsend has already played the prototype and he is apparently enthusiastic: He can “say with certainty that anyone who is a fan of Total War: Rome or the entire Total War series, Wargaming or just this period of ancient history, one Will get a treat ”.

Simon Hall, designer and great Total War: Rome fan, says: “The game is full of decisions for the player, but at the same time it is polished and has simple mechanics. I hope it will be loved by Total War fans because of this balance, but will also appeal to board gamers and PC gamers alike. "

The Total War series is one of the classics among strategy games. Most recently, the Troy release was published.

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