Frontier Foundry, the games label of Frontier Developments, and studio Haemimont Games, creators of the strategic sci-fi city builder Surviving Mars, invite players to discover Stranded: Alien Dawn - an immersive new simulation coming to the Early Access for PC is available via Steam at an RRP of €29,99.

During the Early Access period, players can be among the first to experience this exciting planetary adventure set in the beautiful yet unforgiving mountains of Sobrius, while enjoying regular updates and exciting new content.

To meet the needs of their small group of survivors, they must harness the resources of the area and turn the crash site into a thriving base. Starting with the basics, survivors must make their way from beds and a campfire to a high-tech fortress with automated defenses. With a variety of modular building blocks and devices to explore, each constantly evolving base is entirely unique.

Hunt, gather food, build machines

In this liberating new world, understanding the survivors' unpredictable environment is crucial. For the first time in Early Access, players can explore a world teeming with vibrant flora and fauna. Meanwhile, they can research and acquire knowledge to use resources wisely and make technological advances. Players search, hunt and breed food, develop medicines, weapons and complex machines.

With such a wide range of survivors to choose from, it's important to leverage each character's individual skills, traits, and unique backstories to ensure they can complement each other and work together fruitfully. As the group is pushed to the brink of disaster and battling against alien wildlife attacks, mysterious diseases and extreme weather conditions, the survivors will be at the center of every decision players make.

While it is important to meet the basic physical needs of the survivors with food, shelter and security, the psychological well-being of the group is also crucial. Players must help the survivors adapt to the unforeseen circumstances and unite by entertaining, minimizing stressful situations and strengthening relationships with one another. To ensure the survival of the group, innovative solutions must be found to overcome adversity and embark on a new path. Players are completely free to make their own decisions.

Stranded: Alien Dawn is now available in Early Access for aspiring survivalists. There is much more for them to experience and expect more updates in the coming months bringing exciting new content, refining the game's systems and adding even more depth to this stunning alien world.
Stranded: Alien Dawn is available now in Early Access on PC via Steam.


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