Paradox Interactive today announced First Contact, a new story pack coming soon for the sci-fi strategy game Stellaris.

In First Contact, players will discover an expanded range of events and mechanics to encounter civilizations that are not yet capable of superluminal (FTL) travel. Also, First Contact adds new origins focused on being hit by post-UL civilizations. Additionally, cloaking technology will be available for the first time in Stellaris, allowing players to hide their ships and outposts from their neighbors and worry about what they may be hiding from them.

New origins and mechanisms

The galaxy is vast and full of wonders, but at the same time it is full of alien empires that you will encounter whether you are ready or not. First Contact features a number of new origins and mechanics, giving players the ability to tell stories about their civilization's early encounters with visitors from the stars - including ones that may not have come in peace!

The features of the First Contact Story Pack in detail:

Broken Shackles: Players didn't go to the stars voluntarily; they were abducted to the stars by aliens. Now is the time to take ship with your fellow inmates and band together to survive and thrive as a diverse new community. In this humble origin, players can rise to other greatnesses... but will the previous kidnappers take notice?

revenge: No one would have believed that their own world was being watched closely by secret services larger than their own – until they invaded. Rather than backing down, civilization has driven the would-be conquerors out of space. With newly acquired access to this advanced technology, discover what's out there waiting.

Fear of the Dark: While exploring your home system, you always have the suspicion that you are not alone in the galaxy... especially if one of the planets suddenly suffered an "incident" some time ago. A very large faction of their own people has long opposed tempting fate in the dark depths of the unknown. Which path will players choose when they find out they need more room to grow.

New interaction options with civs without OC technology: What is the role of the players when the next member of the galactic community tells their origin story? New mechanics allow for a wider range of interactions with civs without OC technology, depending on their technological level and awareness of their presence. Is the arrival celebrated, or is there intense panic?

Camouflage Technology: Nobody saw this feature coming! Ships are equipped with cloaking devices to covertly investigate or surprise an enemy; one's own neighbors without UL technology must be watched with camouflaged observation posts. This is how you make sure your scanners and intel are strong... you never know which of your neighbors might be lurking in the shadows!

Jointly with First Contact, the Stellaris Custodian Team is releasing the free 3.7 Canis Minor update, which includes various improvements and additions for all players.

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