The latest update, titled Stinger's Debut, is available to all Everspace 2 players now on Steam and GOG, and will be available on the Microsoft Store soon. Various localizations are part of the update, and pilots can now explore space in German, for example. The German dubbing of the dialogues will then follow for the full version in early 2023.

Stinger's Debut, previously referred to as Rogue's Debut in the 2022 roadmap, introduces the Stinger, the third light fighter class in Everspace 2. This new starship class is highly maneuverable and skill-focused. This makes it particularly suitable for pilots who have dedicated themselves to electronic warfare.

Everspace 2 update: Crafting improved too

Skillful use of devices is crucial to fully exploiting the Stinger's abilities. When using ship devices, a third primary weapon is activated under the Stinger's shell, which causes 50 percent more damage. The Stinger's Void Swarm Ultimate instantly resets the cooldown of all devices and unleashes a swarm of aggressive microbots that devour anything in their path, mostly pouncing on the intended target. Upon returning to the player ship, the bots will restore the Stinger's hull and armor based on the damage dealt. The random perks of the Stinger ships include a 20% reduced cooldown for support or attack devices, a 25% increased radius of the void swarm or a five-second camouflage function after destroying your own shield.

In addition to a new enemy sub-faction, the Okkar Prime, the update also includes improved crafting and resource gathering capabilities, as well as new gear, story content, perks, and additional challenges scattered throughout Everspace 2's star systems. Along with these improvements, the Rockfish Games team has also rebalanced parts of the game and added temporary difficulty settings that can be changed at any time.

"While Stinger's Debut doesn't include a new star system, the included features and sweeping changes bring new depth to the overall experience, especially when starting a new game," said Michael Schade, CEO of Rockfish Games. "We've also created a new player database to analyze the profound impact of changes and additions to the game such as crafting, resource mining, ship devices and the new game progression curve. We are also very excited to see how many catalysts and blueprints will be found and what new builds the top pilots will come up with.”

The Stinger's Debut Update also includes localizations to German, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Czech, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean to accommodate the international Everspace 2 community. As early implementations of the localization may not be perfect, the localization for Everspace 2 will be continuously updated along with missing text and necessary fixes until the full version release in early 2023.

The Everspace 2 demo on Steam has also been updated with all relevant changes, including the current state of localization. In the updated demo, players from around the world can explore the first sector of Everspace 2's first star system and transfer their progress into Early Access.


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