For the board game Zug um Zug, Asmodee, Days of Wonder and Breast Cancer Germany eV are starting a joint campaign to draw attention to the topic of breast cancer in October. The sale of the board game set "Zug um Zug – Play pink" is intended to generate donations that will benefit the Breast Cancer Association Germany - two euros per copy sold will go to educational work, among other things. 

The pink ribbon is ubiquitous in October, breast cancer month. From the small club to the billion dollar machine of the National Football League, actors are drawing attention to the topic. This year, Asmodee Germany and Days of Wonder are raising awareness for breast cancer prevention as part of a joint campaign with Breast Cancer Germany eV.

"Play pink" - fundraiser for breast cancer awareness

Hardly anyone thinks of breast cancer when they play board games! Just in time for the breast cancer month of October, Days of Wonder and Asmodee want to change that and are launching an exclusive charity set with special trains and stations for the globally popular games Ticket to Ride and Ticket to Ride Europe: Ticket to Ride - Play Pink. The set contains game pieces in the well-known pink color, which has long stood for breast cancer. But it's not just about attracting attention to an important topic.

The board game experts from Essen and Days of Wonder also want to do something. To this end, they have started a close collaboration with Breast Cancer Germany eV, in which two euros per set sold are donated to the association. Asmodee and the studio support projects related to prevention, education and help.

Zug um Zug from the publisher Days of Wonder is a game series that is played by more than 80 million players worldwide. The game has become a cultural icon, with appearances on television shows like Big Bang Theory, The IT Crowd, and Blacklist. Also, celebrities like Emmy Rossum (Shameless), Jennifer Garner (Juno) and popular pop culture icon Wil Wheaton play and enjoy the game.

Thanks to its easy-to-learn game principle, Ticket to Ride is suitable for both beginners and experts and is therefore an integral part of board game evenings in the family. As one of the most popular and critically acclaimed board games in the world, the Ticket to Ride series has won more than 37 awards and accolades for all of its titles, including the Game of the Year award and the coveted As d'Or.

Since Zug um Zug's debut in 2004, the game has evolved beyond the gaming table and is now available in digital versions for iOS, Android, PC and consoles. In total, more than 10 million copies have been sold step by step. As an international phenomenon, it has been translated step by step into 33 different languages ​​and is distributed in more than 40 countries.

Almost 70.000 new cases each year in Germany alone

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in the world. Every year around 69.000 women develop breast cancer in Germany. It is the most common cancer in women between the ages of 35 and 55 and around 25 percent of women affected are younger than 50 years. Especially in October, but also beyond, the new set should make the topic present on the gaming tables.

“As a leading company in the games and entertainment industry, we see it as our duty to play a pioneering role and to support important projects. We know how board games can bring families together in difficult times and we hope that players around the world will support breast cancer research by playing step by step with this exclusive new set, ”said Stéphane Carville, CEO of Asmodee.

Asmodee Germany is part of the global donation project of the Asmodee Group. Ticket to Ride Play Pink is offered in 18 countries around the world to generate awareness, promote projects and support breast cancer research. 80.000 Ticket to Ride - Play Pink sets will be available worldwide from October, 15.000 of them in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For every set sold, 2 euros will be donated. Asmodee's income only covers the costs of logistics and production, so that Asmodee or his studio do not make a profit.

The Breast Cancer Association Germany helps those affected and interested with comprehensive information on prevention, early detection and current therapy options under the motto “Prognose Leben”. He organizes events, campaigns, collaborations and much more. With the help of a medical advisory board made up of 40 experts, the association offers a weekly, free medical telephone consultation and shows informative video interviews from national and international congresses as well as live broadcasts of expert round tables on its YouTube channel.

“We are very pleased that Asmodee is making breast cancer a topic among game fans with the Play Pink Set and that the focus is on the life-saving importance of prevention and early detection. We thank you very much for the great cooperation and are pleased that heart projects such as our brochure “My beautiful Guardian Angel” can be financed through this fundraising campaign, ”says Renate Haidinger, founder and first chairwoman of the Breast Cancer Association Germany.

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