The Zug um Zug series is now an 18-year success story. The easy-to-learn family game has delighted players since it first appeared. There are countless extensions and variants. Now Days of Wonder announces the second title designed for children.

Despite the title, the novelty isn't really scary. This would also not be conducive to the intended target group. Here are the children from 6 years. Ticket to Ride: Scary Ride offers the popular train to train feeling with a colorful and lovingly designed theme. From the gingerbread house to the lighthouse in the fog and from the pumpkin field to the magic cauldron, the players travel to different locations just like in the original.

Ticket to Ride: Scary Ride - There is nothing to fear

If you read the rules, you quickly realize that this is a real move-by-move game. Everyone gets their own colored Ghost Cars and collect matching colored Carriage Cards to claim routes. The options in your own train are no different than in the award-winning original. Either you draw two float cards from the deck (there is no face-up display) or you play a set of float cards of the same color to claim a route. There is no option to draw destination cards. At the beginning of the game, everyone receives two face-down objective cards that they must fulfill. If a specific objective card can no longer be fulfilled, the person may swap their two objective cards.

When a person completes a goal card, they place it in front of them and draw a new one. Two bonuses can be collected in the game. If you create a link from a Darkwood location to a Coastal location, the person will yell “Trick or Treat” and get the Trick or Treat bonus tile. It counts as one destination card.
If you connect the town hall with the crypt or the haunted house, you can draw two additional float cards in both cases.

The game ends as soon as one person has completed the sixth objective card. She receives the jackpot card and wins the game. If someone places the last ghost wagon of their own color, the game also ends. In this case, the person with the most completed objective cards wins.

The novelty Ticket to Ride: Scary Ride is suitable for 2-4 people from 6 years. A game lasts between 15 and 30 minutes. The game should be available from September.

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