Days of Wonder has a new map collection: Ticket to Ride Poland. In it, players travel from the Baltic Sea to the Tatra Mountains – on a new game board, of course. It starts as early as July.

Ticket to Ride travels to 1950s Poland with this new expansion. The game plan collection Zug um Zug Poland was first published in 2019 for the Polish market. It will soon be available worldwide to delight all Ticket to Ride fans. Beginning in July, European players will be able to find the expansion at their favorite game store. The game will be released in North America in September.

Create a monopoly in local transport in Poland

In Zug um Zug Poland, players must establish a monopoly over Poland's public transport system by not only connecting routes between cities, but also expanding their network across national borders. But they have no time to lose: the quicker they build their international network, the greater the reward. This new game board collection is the perfect addition to spice up a Ticket to Ride game night.

"In this version, it's important to expand the train routes to other countries in order to remain sustainable," says Alan R. Moon, author of the game. "You also have to pay more attention to the moves of the other players so that you don't slip through the fingers of the rest of the country cards at the last second."

Ticket to Ride Poland is an expansion for 2 to 4 players, with a playing time of 30 to 60 minutes. It contains 1 game board of Poland, 35 objective cards, 20 country cards and 1 rule booklet.

The board game Zug um Zug by author Alan R. Moon (among others: Union Pacific, San Marco or Elfenland) is a true classic that made its debut in 2004. The game was named "Game of the Year" and also took sixth place in the German Games Awards. Asmodee gave the board game that in-house seal "Unbox now" awarded, with which particularly beginner-friendly titles are to be provided.

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