Paradox Interactive today announced that the Overlord expansion, which focuses on new empire management features, will now also be available for Xbox and PlayStation on March 8th, 2023.

From specialized minion interactions to powerful new megastructures, Overlord gives fans diverse and exciting options for controlling their galactic empires. Overlord is part of Stellaris Expansion Pass 5, which is available for pre-order now and will be available for owners to download once the expansion releases early next month.

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Stellaris Console Edition (Playstation 4) Stellaris Console Edition (Playstation 4) * Currently no reviews 15,17 EURAmazon Prime

The features of the Overlord expansion

The rulers make the rules:
With new mechanics for vassals, the roles for additional subjects can be defined - players can create new specialized empires that evolve into economic superpowers, military specialists and technological creators. They negotiate or demand treaties and agreements between their vassals to determine the future of dozens of worlds, and reap the benefits!

The brightest star must lead them:
Players can locate and reunite shattered empires! In the vast galaxies they encounter other unique enclaves, from mysterious Shroudwalkers to militaristic mercenaries and wily salvage workers. They can be used to create mutually beneficial relationships to secure their unique services, or they can be forcibly subjected to one's rule.

Five New Origins:

  • Imperial Fiefdom - Starting out as a specialized ruler, one may one day rule the entire galaxy.
  • Slingshot to the Stars - The decayed remains of a quantum catapult have been discovered nearby - what mysteries will be revealed if you're clever enough to activate them again?
  • Underground – A species adapted to life underground, excelling in mining and archeology. Now it's time to see what awaits them far, far above the surface!
  • Tutors of the Shroud – Through evolving in contact with the inquisitive psykers known as Shroudwalkers, your empire has learned a great deal about mind expansion!
  • Progenitor Hive – With the right leadership, the Hivemind Empire can achieve more than ever before… but without the right leadership, the Hive collapses.

Planning for the future and demonstrations of power:

  • New technological feats give the Empire the edge it needs to become the dominant force across the galaxy.
  • Orbital Rings expand influence (as well as defense capabilities) and increase demonstrations of power from your planet farther into space.
  • Hyper-Relays allow your fleets to get their way faster than ever before.
  • Quantum catapults offer players new ways to react faster in the galaxies while simultaneously projecting the Force, although it is a perilous journey for the fleet with no way back.

Four new tracks to inspire you to rise to greatness.

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