The Kickstarter campaign for Stellaris: Infinite Legacy will start soon, Academy Games boss Uwe Eickert announced. The title is based on the strategic 4X video game from the Swedish publisher Paradox Interactive. According to Eickert, the game should use a kind of legacy system in which the decisions of the players have consequences. To do this, it is not absolutely necessary to destroy material - this is often the case with other legacy board games. For around two years they have been working on the game, which is expected to be crowdfunded from March 11th.

For Paradox Interactive, it is not the first video game to be adapted as a board game. The Swedish publisher has also followed the trend in recent years to implement licensed games in cooperation with various publishers.

This is how the urban development video game Cities: Skylines found its way to the gaming table. The Kosmos publishing house was responsible for the work that definitely proves its qualities and has become a kind of surprise success. More complex strategy games from Paradox have also been processed as board games: Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings. Now another heavyweight should make the leap to the table game.

Stellaris: Infinite Legacy no "one and done"

Despite the legacy approach, the Stellaris board game will be able to be brought to the table more often, according to Academy Games it will not be a "one and done" board game that you play once, destroying material and then throwing away. You still want to focus on the non-linear gameplay.

There will be a story in Stellaris: Infinite Legacy, during which players will have to make decisions that will affect the game. According to Academy Games, there will be thousands of combinations of story paths and narrative elements. Overall, the playing time for a real 4X board game should move in a moderate two-hour framework.

The strategic board game is aimed at two to four players in the basic version; with expansion, a maximum of six players can take part in a game. Fans are already eagerly discussing the mechanisms behind the board game.

Stellaris is expected to be a profound strategy game with countless alternative courses of action. At least that's what the video game template provides: Stellaris from Paradox Interactive first appeared in 2016 and also made it to the last-gen consoles Playstation 2019 and Xbox One in 4. The latter was a kind of milestone for the genre, because Stellaris was the first real grand strategy game for modern game consoles.

The focus is on the player himself, who writes his own story through his actions. It's - typically 4X - mainly about exploration and exploration, but there are always military decisions. It remains to be seen whether and how well the gaming experience of the video game can be transported to the board game version. However, Academy Games CEO Uwe Eickert already indicated that there will be more behind Stellaris than a “flashy miniature game”, because that is exactly what the concept has moved away from. But: Nevertheless, the game should also contain miniatures and other technological models that give space flair.

Stellaris: Infinite Legacy is expected to be released on March 11th as a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Source: BGG

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