Digital board games are trendy, apparently so much that Valve no longer just offers corresponding titles on its Steam platform, but actually celebrates them. The Steam Festival for digital board games will take place from October 21st to 26th. Fans can then take part in virtual game rounds or online discussions and lectures. The timing does not seem to have been chosen by chance: will take place at the same time, from October 22nd to 25th.

The week from October 21 to 26 is all about digital board games on the Steam gaming platform. Even more: the festival for digital board games overlaps with, which Friedhelm Merz Verlag is organizing as an alternative to the canceled international game days in Essen from October 22nd to 26th. Valve probably wants to take advantage of the increasing interest in digital board game formats this October week.

Playing at digital tables

As if Valve had ours Commentary on the evolution of the industry and on read, the group does what benefits the mixed analogue-digital target group: focus even more on adapting parlor games.

Fans can take part in game sessions via PC Steam, earn the time by taking part in discussions or lectures, or watch streams in which designers and publishers report on their projects. Valve makes it clear: It's about the merging of physical and digital games. There is not yet a complete schedule for the event, but Valve provides an initial overview and teasers some events on various game titles:

  • Plague Inc: Evolved: James Vaughan, game designer of both the digital and the physical version plays the board game scenario of the digital game and talks about the design of both versions.
  • othercide: The tactical RPG combines a concise graphic style, unique story and challenging gameplay. Learn more from the Artistic Director and Senior Game Designer.
  • Gloomhaven: The developers are talking on a livestream about upcoming content for the next big update for the Early Access version of Gloomhaven on Steam.
  • Virtual discussion board about games about Mars: Game developers discuss correct and incorrect assumptions about the red planet with members and scientists of the space agency.
  • Virtual discussion board about Cthulhu licensed games: Some of the best-known game designers of Cthulhu-themed games, both physical and digital, discuss the cultural influence of these titles and more.

The number of digital board games on Steam is increasing steadily, including countless well-known works that fans have already been able to inspire as physical versions, such as wing flap, Terraforming Mars, Gloomhaven or Blood Rage. It can be assumed that there will also be discounts on digital board games, i.e. sales promotions, for the individual events.

The board game days on Steam should be exciting, especially for industry experts, because well-known authors such as Steve Jackson, Sandy Petersen or Elizabeth Hargrave will have a chat. Above all, the outlook into the future, i.e. the streams about future content of some digital board games - presumably Gloomhaven in the first place - could prove to be a magnet for fans.

The campaign is co-produced by Auroch Digital. You don't have to feel pressured to participate, according to Valve, all streams will still be available afterwards.

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