The most popular board games among Germans, this survey from the year 2019 by the market research company Statista uses Hasbro to promote some of its titles. Frequent gamers now have to be very strong, because their favorites are not reflected in the survey results. This is not particularly surprising: after all, it is mainly infrequent and family players who make up the majority of the “scene”.

Statista surveyed just over 1.000 people between the ages of 18 and 64 in 2018 to determine the “Germans' most popular board games”. The results were then published around the SPIEL'19 in Essen. So the survey is no longer very fresh, but it can be assumed that the answers were hardly any different today. It comes as no surprise that Hasbro, of all people, uses the survey for PR purposes, as several titles from the toy giant can be found in the top 10 most popular board games.

“Don't get angry” beats them all!

If you look at the actual question of the Statista survey, it is quickly over with "particularly popular": "Which of these classic board games do you have at home?" it said specifically. The list is badly headed by the classic: Don't get angry, a board game that can be found in 77 percent of the households of the respondents. Memory and Monopoly are tied on the next seats. “Classic games are still very much in vogue. If you want to have an entertaining time playing with family and friends, you often turn to the games from Hasbro Gaming, which have been tried and tested for years, ”writes Hasbro himself. Monopoly, The Game of Life, Tabu, Risk, Trivial Pursuit and Cluedo from Hasbro Gaming were among them According to an independent Statista survey, it was one of the ten favorite board games among Germans.

Somehow that's true. Hasbro also knows why some simple titles are as successful as they are: “Although new games offer increasingly unusual and complex game principles, most of them associate classic board games with the best memories and experiences, because you know: fun is guaranteed here . The rules are
known to almost everyone and it can be played directly without much preparation. "

Quick entry, quick fun, short play times, everyone happy. The classics evidently stand for something that is often disregarded with increasing popularity of more complex board games: immediate fun. No regular course of study, no playing times of several hours - even if that is what makes the hobby so attractive for experts and connoisseurs. Playing board games is also a matter of taste - this applies in one direction, but also in the other.

And there has to be something to these classics, which are hated by frequent players, but which are so consistently represented on the market. Christmas without her? Hardly imaginable. Anyone who gives away board or card games as a non-player often chooses titles that are popular in everyday life - especially when it comes to giving presents to other non-gamers or occasional gamers. Monopoly, Tabu or Cluedo were and remain “door openers” for first attempts at a hobby that can be increased almost at will in terms of complexity. As a frequent gamer you might smile at the classics, but for many beginners they are the first point of contact with the scene. And with a little luck you catch fire for the hobby. Today's Monopoly is on the table in Brass years later: Lancashire has mutated; if you liked risk in the past, you play Star Wars: Rebellion or Twilight Imperium today.

Hasbro Gaming takes the Christmas business with it - and keeps releasing the classics in new or modified versions. Hasbro Gaming is currently presenting the funny new version of its family game classic Monopoly. In “Monopoly - Bad Game”, counterfeit Monopoly dollars are in circulation and must be uncovered by the player using a decoder. With the brand new, frenzied-heated game fun KA-BLAB! Hasbro Gaming picks up on the popular game mechanics of the classic Tabu and continues them. The turbulent game awaits with 200 category cards for lots of surprises and challenges and ensures fun and thrills at the next family game evening. The Game of Life and Trivial Pursuit are also available in new versions with The Game of Life Super Mario and Trivial Pursuit 2010 Edition.


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