There are currently five crowdfunding projects running in the game company. One of the two new projects of the past week has already achieved its goal. One of the projects that have been crowdfunding for some time has not yet reached its goal. The two new projects take the players to Greece and Japan.

hens  and Mortum: The Sanctuary have already reached their goals 10 days before the end of the funding period. Nightmare Cathedral has already collected more than the two projects together, but 4 days before the end of its own financing period is only just under 50% of the set goal.  

A new project by Giant Roc, which takes the players to Japan, and a project by Kobold Spieleverlag, which takes them to the Mediterranean region, has recently started.

Iki - Become the most respected Edokko

Whoever best cares for the well-being and prosperity of Edo and its people will become the most respected "Child of Edo" and a party Iki to win. Iki is a concept that is roughly translated as "respect" and rather stands for the standard of living to ideally walk the "path of the citizen". Edo's (modern-day Tokyo) main street, in the Nihonbashi district, was a single strip of shops lined with stalls. There you could not only buy kimonos and rice, but also countless other valuable items. 

In the game Iki, which was also nominated for the As d'Or in the expert category 2022, players will encounter numerous traders and craftsmen along the lively main street in whose shops you can hire them or trade with them. You see how they gain experience and retire and hopefully survive one or the other fire.

The game runs for 13 months, with the 13th representing the New Year celebrations after the game ends. In every month there is income. Players determine how far they want to move their oyakata, strolling along the main street and interacting with the local vendors and shops.
3x in the game a fire breaks out in one of the Nagaya, these are the 4 districts, for which everyone is hopefully well prepared.

Each round is divided into 3 phases: The Ikizama phase, in which the Ikizama figures are placed on the Ikizama track in descending order of fire resistance. Then comes the action phase, in which there is money or traders can be recruited, the players can move their oyakata and do business and finally take back their Ikizama figure. Third is the event phase, which depends on the month.

Whoever has collected the most Iki at the end wins the game. The game is recommended for 2-4 Edokkos aged 14 and over and lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. Anyone who wants to join the almost 200 forges who have contributed to the goal being achieved can do so Iki support for 30 days.

Acropolis - Prove your talent as an architect

In the second novelty that has started in the game forge, the players should lead a city to fame and fortune. In Acropolis however, they assume the role of an architect. They build houses, barracks and markets and beautify them with gardens and temples. Only with innovative planning does one's own city come into its own and magnificent agoras should not be missing. You have to keep an eye on your own stock of stones, because this is the only way to get the best parts. In addition, each of the 5 different districts needs different requirements and at least 1 agora of its own color in order to score points at the end of the game.

The development of your own city takes place in three steps. First you take a tile from the building site and pay for it with stone blocks if it is not the front one. In the second step you expand your own city with the tile you took. If it is to be placed on the second level or higher, it must cover the three squares below. Each quarry that is overbuilt in this way yields a stone. If there is only one tile left in the display in the third step, the building site is filled up again. Now someone else starts the new round. At the end of the game there are points for all districts and stars for associated agoras. Whoever has collected the most points wins the game. Different variants in the game increase the replay appeal.

Acropolis is recommended for 2-4 architects from the age of 8 and takes about 25 minutes. Interested parties have 30 days to Acropolis support here.



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