A new project started this week in the game forge. This title transports the players to the heyday of Islam. It's about influence, power and knowledge. Another title is to follow later this week.

For a week will Explorers of the Woodlands still be in crowdfunding. The target has already been more than doubled here. Soon his goal has quintupled the expansion to Furnace. Interbellum is still available for 12 days in the game forge. The two projects that have the longest remaining duration are also the ones that have raised the largest sums so far. There are still 25 days left Mind MGMT in the forge. With more than 34.000 euros collected, almost 250% of the goal has been achieved. Almost twice as much Dice Throne: Adventures collected. Here, too, the target has already been met 127%. This project is still in the forge for 26 days. With the penultimate title of the "Little Fine Ones" it falters a bit. Still available for one week at spy business only a little more than 50% of the target is reached.

Belaad - competition for the knowledge of scholars

In loaded the players as one of three factions try to use the knowledge of the scholars and the scholars themselves for their own purposes. The scholars must be recruited as a “nation” or “court”. As "assassins" it is important that knowledge does not fall into the wrong hands.

Over the course of four generations (rounds), the assassins attempt to assassinate a certain number of scholars. The other two factions try to generate as many points as possible. Everyone has four cards in their hand, one of which they play as an action card. You can perform the main action immediately. The side action printed below must be paid for with gold and/or seals according to the card's specifications.
There are Income, Steal, Gain Followers, Hire Scholars, and Battle character actions that can be activated. The strength of each action depends on the number of followers on the character card.
The 32 included scholars, who are the key to victory, were designed based on historical models.

loaded is an engine builder for 2-6 people. They can compete against each other individually or in teams. The game is recommended for ages 10 and up and the playing time is between 45 and 60 minutes.
With 32 days left, the game is currently 77% funded. Those interested can here the project to loaded see in the game forge.

Dungeon Drop - A lightweight dungeon crawler

Another title that should come to the game forge this week is Dungeon drop. This is a light dungeon crawler for 1-4 people aged 8+ with a playing time of around 20 minutes.

Everyone gets a personal hero, a class and a secret task. The dungeon is not represented by cards, tiles or a playing field, but with dice thrown in the middle. At the start of the game, these are dropped into the play area and randomly scatter to form the dungeon.

The game runs over three rounds. In each of these rounds, everyone takes a turn. This consists of discovering, performing an action and collecting. When discovered, new cubes are dropped in the middle. In the action phase, the hero or class ability can be activated. In the collection phase, a room is “formed” with three gray dice (the columns) and you can collect all the dice in this room. If you collect monsters, they deal damage.

After three rounds, the person who has scored the most points with their secret task and the collected treasures wins.

The project has not yet started in the game forge. But it should go into crowdfunding on July 8th.

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