We are all slowly getting used to writing down the correct year on forms. The everyday life of the New Year has absorbed us - let's break out with exciting game rounds. All that is missing are a few new board games, which I would like to suggest to you in the following article. Have fun!

Monopoly - Zelda

Real fan service: The Legend of Zelad meets Monopoly.

It's going to be epic in 2015. Every video gamer knows it, every video gamer loves it. And even absolute newcomers will have heard of the successful game series: Zelda!

As a monopoly in one Collector's Edition Link now also cuts a fine figure as a board game character. The board game Monopoly - Zelda is officially licensed and you can tell immediately from the contents of the packaging: Wonderful collectors' figures such as Link's bow or his shield will delight every board game lover and collector. The map material is attractively designed, the game board is colorful and recognizable. Zelda fans immediately feel at home! A must have for Zelda lovers, collectors and video game veterans! You will get in the mood for the first round of play with this one Legend of Zelda Theme 25th birthday medley.

The alchemists

Alchemy is always a topic for a board game.

The Heidelberger Spieleverlag brings with the hybrid board game The alchemists a very tasty herbal tea on the table. The game works together with a free app that informs the players about the outcome of their experiments. In a good alchemist's kitchen it pops and smokes up to the roof. The app is available for all common operating systems - i.e. iOS, Android and even Windows. There is also a web-based version. If digital support is foregone, a player can slip into the role of the game master and take on the tasks of the applications. Great idea. Every game is played differently. This is due to the unpredictability of the effects of your herbs. Mixing mandrake roots and chamomile does not always have to go well. The player with the most points in his account wins the game. You can collect points by selling potions, attracting third-party funding or distributing successful recipes. The board game The Alchemists is wonderfully refreshing and brings the bang effects of the last New Year's Eve party back to the table!

Antoine Bauza with Samurai Spirit

Culture meets play: Samurai are fascinating.

The name Antoine Bauza should sound familiar to board players. He is the brain behind the hit Hanabi - the game of the year 2013. His latest work picks up on an exciting topic: The Samurai. These traditional warriors with impressive cultural bases are the main characters in the new game Antoine Bauza: Samurai Spirit.

As a player, you slip into the role of those legendary swordsmen who, among other things, had the task of protecting the emperor. As a group of samurai you have to protect frightened villagers from a nasty gang of robbers. So far, so well known. The nice thing about this game is not the story, but the cooperative gameplay, in the course of which farms and villagers have to be defended and the unbelievably evil villains of the Oni Musha clan have to be driven away.