The list of innovations for SPIEL in Essen is getting longer and longer. There will also be a novelty from Czech Games Edition (CGE). The German version is taken over by HeidelBÄR-Verlag. It's not the first time publishers have taken players into outer space. The inspiration for the author's debut work should be well known to many.

The new board game should come as little surprise Starship Captains will be presented by CGE at SPIEL. The game should be generally available later in the fourth quarter. The novelty is the author's first work. Peter B. Hoffgaard makes no secret of his inspiration. As a huge Star Trek fan, he didn't want to make a Star Trek game, but he wanted to be inspired by the popular franchise. His main concern is to convey the importance of unprejudiced cooperation in the game, as he also experiences it in Star Trek. Against this background, there is also no money or a comparable resource. The focus is on the captain, the crew and their relationships with each other.

Prove yourself as the newly crowned captain of your spaceship

The players take on the role of the newly promoted Starship Captains. The ship is not the newest and the crew is still quite inexperienced, but the stars are calling you and adventures are waiting to be experienced. The game mixes action selection and engine building. Its own crew of cadets, ensings (lowest-ranking officers), androids and officers fulfill different roles and possess different abilities. These can be promoted through medals and thus work even more effectively. Similarly, own ship can be upgraded.

There are many ways to improve the ship and the crew. The players have to decide which way to choose to become the best captain. Along the way, they navigate an ever-changing galaxy filled with dangerous pirates and interplanetary missions that improve their relationships with three factions in the galaxy, earning lavish rewards from them.

The game for 2-4 people should be played in 40-100 minutes. It is recommended for ages 12 and up. The price will be around 60€.

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