When the new Stardew Valley update comes out, players will also be able to try their hand at fish farming. As the developer Eric Barone, also known as "ConcernedApe", announced via Twitter, with the upcoming update 1.4. have reached a completely new building with the fish farm and are also looking forward to new items. An exact timing for the release of Update 1.4. there is no Stardew Valley - but in July Barone announced that it was "almost ready".

Stardew Valley has been rather quiet since the announcement of Update 1.4 in April of this year: Now Eric Barone, the game developer responsible, has announced via Twitter that players can look forward to a fish farm with the new update. 

Stardew Valley: Players will soon be able to breed fish too

With the fish farm, players can then construct a completely new building, breed fish in ponds and then even collect their spawn. At the same time, other new items find their way into the game. However, "ConcernedApe" did not reveal exactly which ones. At least the screenshot gives players some details about the new content.

Presumably, players will be allowed to sell the collected roe of the farmed fish as cavers. Squids can also be seen on the screenshot that Eric Barone published as part of the announcement.

The screenshot also shows corals and squids. Image: ConcernedApe

Squids can also be seen in the screenshot. Image: ConcernedApe


More details are already known for the 1.4 update to Stardew Valley. The new farm map "Four Corners" will be implemented, and there will also be a function for the multiplayer part that allows the player access to separate money accounts. This should make "unapproved" spending by other players a thing of the past and the issue of wasting money should be off the table. 

What will happen to Stardew Valley in the future - i.e. after the release of Patch 1.4 - is uncertain, at least with regard to the role of Eric Barone. He has already announced that he will also work on other projects. For Stardew Valley, employees have been hired to compensate for the development of the game and work on new content. 

Barone is silent about his new project, which is at least partially related to Stardew Valley, as well as about an exact date for the release of patch 1.4. But one thing is certain: It is neither a successor nor an extension to Stardew Valley.

Since the update was considered "almost ready" in July, the release should at least not be long in coming. 

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