Bringing board games into space is really not a revolutionary idea, but fans are still looking forward to experiencing functioning game mechanics in new environments. The listed miniatures and board game publisher CMON Limited (formerly CoolMiniOrNot) has given the successful miniature game Arcadia Quest a new look and launched the idea into space: Starcadia Quest is the name of the version - and it runs extremely successfully on Kickstarter.

Arcadia Quest in Space

The board game Arcadia Quest from CMON was largely well received by critics and gamers. You have to like the special Manga style that characterizes the breathtaking look of the miniature board game, there is nothing to shake about the playful quality - especially with regard to the exciting fights. It is hardly surprising that CMON is using the successful basic structure again to transport the game idea into a space environment.  

Zu Starcadia Quest A financing campaign is currently running on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, which has already exceeded the targeted target of around 172.000 euros by two and a half times. The success of Starcadia Quest nothing stands in the way of CMON. As in the previous game, players roam through strange worlds to complete quests, defeat opponents and collect loot.

CMON's Starcadia Quest runs successfully on Kickstarter

The dungeon crawler is reminiscent of digital hack-n-slay games such as Diablo or Path of Exile: it is essentially about turning the item spiral in order to equip your character with high-quality items. The idea is basically not new for a board game, but CMON packs the whole thing in a visually impressive and playfully extremely exciting way. There are no high entry hurdles and the fast course of the game ensures that things get down to business quickly in space. 

Arcadia Quest was entertaining, at times confused and chaotic - but always entertaining. because Starcadia Quest relies on detailed improvements, the result should be similar. The extradition of Starcadia Quest is expected to start in August 2019. Check out the campaign on Kickstarter here .

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