The popularity of the miniature game Star Wars X-Wing continues unabated. The Empire and the rebels fight for supremacy in the galaxy. But a third faction creeps up secretly and quietly: the smugglers' cartels and criminal syndicates. From discarded Z-95 headhunters and Y-wings, they form a force that is at least equal to the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. And then the previous ship models are simply hijacked ...

Star Wars X-Wing Expansion: Urgently Wanted!

The new expansion pack for the successful miniature game from the Star Wars universe will appear shortly. Anyone who has always wanted to take the side of criminals or smugglers (and not in the MMORPG Star Wars The Old Republic has done) will have the opportunity to do so in February. As usual, the full equipment includes ships, ship cards and markers. The highlight, however, are the maneuvering wheels, with which you can easily convert your previous ship models for the scrap and criminals faction. So build your very own armada from imperial ships or models from the Alliance! Bounty hunters and spice smugglers should do this Star Wars X-Wing expansion pack be sure to keep an eye on it! If you don't want to wait, you can already buy the expansion in English now.

Star viper

What an impressive ship. The Star Viper belongs to the inventory of the "Black Sun". On the battlefield, the ship model is as dangerous as its name. Even more dangerous is the pilot, who is none other than Prince Xizor himself, the head of the Black Sun Syndicate. So warm up your engines and clean those durasteel discs: the Star Viper will make a mighty impression on your opponent. With this ship model you get that Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game a grandiose extension.

February holds even more surprises in store for X-Wing pilots. Two additional extensions give you access to the cockpit of the GI-2000 and the M3-A interceptor.

Both models belong to the core ships of the criminal and smuggler factions. Great: The 3-player assignment in the IG-2000 expansion pack sends you on an exciting mission for the legendary IG-88 bounty hunter. So for Imps and Reps: Wear warm!

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