The world of tabletop games is colourful, full of rules and therefore sometimes very complex and not always beginner-friendly. With "Star Wars X-Wing", the Heidelberg games publisher has a miniature game in its range that is aimed at both beginners and veterans alike. Countless extensions make getting started seem a bit confusing. As always, appearances are deceptive and I will present the Star Wars tabletop variant to you in detail in the following blog article.

In the beginning there was the basic game

The alarm sirens wail incessantly. Time to put on the pilot's helmets and sprint to the next flying vehicle. Every second counts when the galactic empire calls for a major attack on the recently discovered rebel base. The X-Wing Miniatures Game is pure Star Wars. Fans will love this entry-level tabletop range. On the side of the empire or the rebel alliance, the players set about minimizing the opposing fleet units and thus conquering control of the airspace. The easily understandable set of rules enables a quick introduction, which brings the exciting space battles to the gaming tables shortly after opening the game box.

The game principle is based on legendary dogfights, i.e. classic 1-on-1 fights, each of which only allows the better flier to survive. With two players that unfolds Star Wars X-Wing: Miniatures Game thus already its full potential. However, a third playable faction will soon appear, which lets a fellow player slip into the role of crime lords and bounty hunters: "Scum and Villany", so scum and scoundrels is the melodious name that indicates the means with which this faction intends to fight.

Getting into the world of pilots is easy. First of all, the best thing: The basic game of Star Wars X-Wing is currently very cheap to get in various online shops. Amazon offers the starter box at a price of just 22.99 euros.

After you have received the basic game, you can go straight to the cockpits of your 1-man fighter and start the engines. With the eponymous X-Wing and the legendary Tie-Fighter (unfortunately you have to provide the legendary sound yourself), the basic box already contains two of the most famous ship models. The details of the miniatures are amazing. A real Star Wars atmosphere emerges on the gaming table, which makes the hearts of the fans beat faster. In the middle instead of just there is a saying that fits perfectly with the Star Wars Miniatures Game.

Each ship model has its individual flight characteristics and armament and thus a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Skilled pilots use the advantages of the selected spacecraft and reduce the disadvantages through tactical flight maneuvers and clever positioning on the game board, which incidentally requires a slightly larger table as a base. For an even better atmosphere, building a "real" starry sky game board is worthwhile. Suitable materials for this are available in every hardware store. A large MDF board and some paint are enough to create the ideal base for Star Wars X-Wing. Numerous YouTube instructions ensure an immediate start, including an official one from Fantasy Flight Games. The core element of the game are strategic flight maneuvers, which can be transferred to the playing field by creating distance and flight maneuver strips. A pinch of luck with the dice is also part of the game idea, but rarely annoys and makes the game more exciting. Enemy maneuvers are unpredictable, keeping Star Wars X-Wing lively and entertaining.

Powerful extensions

The number of expansions reflects the success of the miniatures game. A whopping 26 articles are waiting to be bought by suitable pilots. Pretty much every popular ship model from the Star Wars universe is available. From the Advanced Tiefighter, in which Darth Vader already squeezed his athletic 2-meter body, to the sleek A-Wing, to the legendary Freighter Millennium Falcon, all models that Star Wars fans could wish for are playable. The following picture gallery gives you an overview of the available Extensions. Each add-on brings some new elements into the game. A tactically varied approach is therefore guaranteed.

The end of Star Wars X-Wing is far from here. Fantasy Flight Games still has a lot of ideas up its sleeve. The aforementioned third villain faction is just one of them. The release of the next comprehensive base game is already planned for the beginning of 2015. It goes by the name of Star Wars Armada and relies on entire fleet units instead of sensitive 1-man hunters. Spaceship tacticians and young admirals can look forward to polishing the command chair of the Star Destruction.

The area of ​​Star Wars X-Wing: Miniatures Games is bursting with gimmicks that can be bought, but they are not just tailor-made, but have their right to exist. Next roll the dice (also available as a cube app for Android and iOS) are also flexibly collapsible Game mats .

The features of numerous Star Wars X-Wing apps sound particularly exciting. With this little program, the players will not only be able to design their own scenarios, but will also be able to share the exciting mini-stories with others. Other apps, on the other hand, make the sound files of the spaceships available and give the gaming experience even more depth.

Experienced tabletop players are happy about the many tactical possibilities of Star Wars X-Wing, beginners, on the other hand, get fast action and can use the slowly increasing learning curve to make it to the pilot's ace. If you have never played a tabletop game, you should definitely try it out. But I bet you will stick with Star Wars X-Wing: Miniatures Games.

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