Spaceship pilots can slip back into their combat suits and upgrade their astromech droids: the miniature game Star Wars X-Wing 2nd Edition is now available; Asmodee is responsible for the German localization. If you want to take over your spaceship collection, you need so-called conversion sets, which are available for the individual factions. In addition to gameplay improvements, app support should provide more fun.

X-Wing 2.0: improved gameplay and app support

Star Wars X-Wing fans have grown their spaceship collections steadily since the game was released in 2012. 14 waves and a total of 58 spaceships have ensured that space pilots can put together their flight squadrons individually. 

The fact that a revised version of X-Wing would appear, for which nothing old spaceships could be taken over without additional costs, did not meet with approval from every fan. The fact that Fantasy Flight Games decided to revise it is mainly due to the untapped potential that seemed to lie dormant in the game idea. 

In addition to gameplay improvements, the focus of the second edition of Star Wars X-Wing is also clearer separation of the individual factions. So their peculiarities should be reflected more noticeably in the tactical battles. Power - which is essential for Star Wars in terms of content - should also play a greater role in the revision.

With regard to "organized play" and the management of one's own collection, the new X-Wing squad configurator app is of immense importance for a comprehensive gaming experience of miniature dog fights.

Veterans have the option of transferring the ships they have collected to the new system. There are three different conversion sets available, one for each faction: Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire and Scum & Criminals. 

Each conversion set supports a limited number of ship models, about 3 for A-wing, 4 Z-95 headhunters and 2 Millennium Falcons (examples only in part). For new players there is a revised one Basic box* available.

Asmodee, as the German localization partner of Fantasy Flight Games, has summarized information on new content, changes and the conversion sets in an FAQ on X-Wing 2.0.

Star Wars X-Wing 2nd Edition is now available in stores. In addition to the basic box and the three conversion sets, players can also use individual spaceships, including Boba Fett's Slave 1, the TIE X1 turbo hunter or the Fangjäger. The German version of Star Wars X-Wing 2.0 appears as usual at Asmodee.

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