Unlock! is not new, but a Star Wars offshoot within this escape game series is. And it is exactly this variant that publishing giant Asmodee has now announced. Three adventures await the players, instead of in an escape room somewhere in a galaxy far, far away, fans can experience the one-hour puzzle adventures at the table at home. Unlock! - Star Wars as early as August, according to Asmodee France. 

Quite surprisingly, Asmodee France has announced the announcement of Unlock on Twitter! - Star Wars released, including a picture of the packaging. The box set contains three different adventures, each around 60 minutes in length. Important: The cards are not destroyed, so they can be used again.

Unlock! - Star Wars: Three hour-long adventures

The focus is clearly on the classic trilogy, but there is overlap with the spin-off Rogue One. So is on the cards released so far by Unlock! - To see Star Wars a secret mission on the planet Jedha. The titles of the three adventures are known. Asmodee Germany published the announcement of the game in a timely manner.
You are Imperial spies and have been assigned to infiltrate the Holy City on Jedha.
Game description, Asmodee Germany
Players will then experience Unlock! - Star Wars the stories "An Unexpected Delay" about breaking out of a prisoner block on a Star Destroyer; the "Escape from Hoth", which deals with the attack of the rebel base by the Empire and the "Secret Mission on Jedha", in which the player group has to retrieve a valuable artifact. Iconic characters from Star Wars are of course represented in the story framework, including Saw Gerrera or Jabba the Hutt.
The first published maps reveal what the story is about. Image rights: Asmodee

The first published maps reveal what it is about. Image rights: Asmodee

 Players slip into different roles within the framework of the setting - based on the respective adventure. Sometimes you fight on the side of the rebels, sometimes you are on the road as a smuggler in the Outer Rim and even for the empire you become as part of Unlock! - Star Wars active.
The series remains true to itself in a playful way: the adventures are controlled via maps, a companion app is used to give players hints or to clarify whether the procedure was correct. Helpful: A short tutorial shows how the game concept works. In contrast to other escape games, Unlock! - Star Wars does not destroy the material. It will contain ten introductory cards, 180 adventure cards as well as one solution and one rule book and one Jedha card.
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