Finally Star Wars Day again: the unofficial day of action for George Lucas' sci-fantasy epic has been celebrated for a long time, since 2011 even with an organized accompanying program. However, the first references to the motto "May the Fourth be with you" are much longer. So what to do on Star Wars Day? Play board games, for example - at best titles based on the franchise. We present 5 good Star Wars board games below.

Star Wars is a phenomenon that hasn't lost much of its appeal since its debut in 1977 with A New Hope - then simply called Star Wars. Yes, fans of the old school criticize the modern trilogies, but the films about the new generation of heroes have nevertheless attracted millions of people to the cinema. And brand owner Disney never tires of taking over the franchise in order to keep telling new stories, quite a few of the new formats have become really good. The fact that Star Wars has long since found its way from the screen to the home playroom is not least due to the countless narrative possibilities that the franchise offers for the gaming sector. There are video games, and of course board games as well. You will find five good Star Wars board games below - expressly not in any order of rank.

Star Wars: Legion

Star wars legion
Star Wars: Legion is a miniatures game about tactical battles. Image: Publisher

Star Wars: Legion is one of the miniature board games among the Star Wars titles. Unlike Star Wars: Imperial Assault, however, Legion is still expanding with new content. As a fan, you buy here at standard prices - for Star Wars: Imperial Assault you have to dig much deeper into your wallet. Nevertheless: The strategic miniatures game Legion is also a penny grave. There are countless troop upgrades and commanders - all of them double the fun. First you have to assemble the figures and ideally even paint them.

The personal army ultimately results from a fixed number of points. There are currently four factions to choose from in the two-player board game: the Empire, the Rebel Alliance, the Galactic Republic and the Separatists. There are also a large number of characters and war troops from the films and series, which are then assigned to one of the factions. The process is simple, but not without challenges: Two players meet on a battlefield – you can also build this, by the way, if you want to – and experience entertaining skirmishes lasting around two hours. Star Wars: Legion doesn't need a story, because this board game is essentially about a tactical showdown.

The idea is similar to Star Wars_Armada or Star Wars: X-Wing, both of which are other miniature games in which players create their own warband to fight each other - this time in space. Star Wars: Legion has not yet reached the end of its life cycle, so it is still possible to get started without any problems. Atomic Mass Studios recently took over creative responsibility and presented some future content.

Star Wars: Legion is recommended for 2 people aged 14 and over and has a playing time of 120 minutes.

Star Wars: Rebellion

Star Wars Rebellion
Star Wars: Rebellion is considered one of the best strategy board games for two players. Image: Publisher

Star Wars: Rebellion is a tactical expert game that pits two players against each other in the roles of the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. It is a pure duel concept, but with an asymmetrical game idea that is based on the story of the films. It's up to the rebels to destroy the Death Star, preferably using guerrilla tactics; the Empire, on the other hand, must find and destroy the rebel base.

A gripping and strategically demanding cat-and-mouse game with well-known characters from the Star Wars universe unfolds over a period of around three hours. Various main characters serve as special units for the players, each with different skills. The necessary time commitment is also the biggest flaw of the board game. But: every minute is worth it. Rarely are board games consistently exciting from beginning to end, Star Wars: Rebellion is one of the welcome exceptions and is also attractively priced for what it offers.

Each game is different, at least in detail, and thus writes its own story. It's about open skirmishes, guerrilla attacks, sabotage, kidnappings and tactical diversionary maneuvers. The range of possible strategies is large. Star Wars: Rebellion isn't just any Star Wars board game, it's one of the best, maybe the best. However, the title requires some training time. Many games pass before you know and can use all the relevant strategic tricks. Which is good, because the so far only expansion "Rise of the Empire" not only extends the long-term motivation: the add-on also makes the board game significantly better because it irons out weaknesses in the base game. The recommendation is therefore clear: you should definitely play Rebellion together with the expansion.

Star Wars: Rebellion is recommended for 2 (4) people aged 12 and over and has a playing time of around 180 minutes.

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Asmodee | Fantasy Flight Games | Star Wars: Rebellion |... Asmodee | Fantasy Flight Games | Star Wars: Rebellion |... * Currently no reviews 96,50 EUR

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Asmodee | Fantasy Flight Games | Star Wars: Rebellion |... Asmodee | Fantasy Flight Games | Star Wars: Rebellion |... * Currently no reviews 96,50 EUR

Star Wars: Talisman

Star Wars talisman
Star Wars: Talisman by Pegasus Games is a rebuilt RPG classic. Image: Publisher

It was a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away: good and evil battled each other, and this time in Star Wars: Talisman, players are right in the thick of it. In contrast to many other Star Wars board games, the board game is much shallower, with the focus on uncomplicated fun based on the role-playing classic Talisman. Accordingly, there are largely purely visual changes, but also playful further development. The instructions are a bit too complicated in places, so you may have to bring the title up more than once to fully understand the rules. No real drawback, because a game of Star Wars: Talisman is worth it.

At its core, the focus is on the division between Jedi and Sith - in Star Wars: Talisman this has a direct impact on the game. On the one hand, this affects the possible attack targets and, on the other hand, a restriction in the executable power skills. The main reason fans have fun is because they know the template: In game sales, you will encounter well-known characters and locations that are not only based on the classics, but also on Disney's interpretation of Star Wars - so it's a matter of taste.

Exciting: In the course of a game, the characters of the players develop, receive new skills and equipment. Why all this? In the end, it's all about defeating the Emperor personally in a tricky final battle in order to become ruler of the galaxy. Star Wars: Talisman has a light-dark side balance twist that's unique in the Star Wars board game space. The acquisition costs are also moderate.

Star Wars: Talisman is a role-playing game and is recommended for 2 to 6 people aged 12 and over. A game lasts about 90 to 120 minutes.

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Pegasus Games 56110G - Talisman: Star Wars Edition Pegasus Games 56110G - Talisman: Star Wars Edition * 38,00 EUR

Star Wars: Unlock

Star Wars Unlock
Star Wars: Unlock is puzzles set in the galaxy. Image: Publisher

Star Wars: Unlock is special among the Star Wars board games in several respects: It is a purely cooperative game and it is not about open battles or tactical skirmishes, but about solving puzzles. There is a free companion app for iOS and Android. The card game is about examining the environment for clues, combining objects correctly and solving puzzles at the end - this already clearly distinguishes Star Wars: Unlock from the previously published Star Wars board games.

Three scenarios are included that let players travel across the galaxy. It goes to the Outer Rim, to Hoth and for a secret mission to Jedha. Here, too, it is not just the classic trilogy that is thematically processed. An adventure lasts around 60 minutes, but some groups of players can do it in less time. Star Wars: Unlock is not only aimed at fans of George Lucas' epic, it is also the ideal introduction to the Asmodee Unlock series.

The quality of the puzzles varies significantly depending on the adventure. The title could prove far too easy for experienced players, but that doesn't matter because many veterans are collectors anyway. Star Wars: Unlock comes in the light of the ongoing trend in escape board games, but it doesn't involve destroying any material. You can theoretically play several times, even if the stimulus naturally dwindles after the task has been completed. Star Wars: Unlock is therefore perfect as a pass-on game.

Star Wars: Unlock is published by Asmodee Germany. It is recommended for 1 to 6 people aged 10 and over and lasts 60 minutes.

Star Wars: Outer Rim

Star Wars: Outer Rim
Star Wars: Outer Rim has many stories and many characters - and there will be even more with the expansion. Image: Publisher

Star Wars: Outer Rim is the Star Wars board game that fans had high hopes for when it was released. Finally writing a story with a character and experiencing an evolving adventure. You slip into the role of a well-known character from the sci-fantasy universe - such as Han Solo, Boba Fett or Lando Calrissian - and set off with your spaceship to achieve fame. In mechanical terms: collect prestige points.

The way is the goal. You complete tasks, meet enemies, collect bounties, equip your character, your ship and your crew and experience step by step new little stories that are based on the scenes from the film trilogy. The board game is special at first glance: instead of on a classic game board, players move on a semicircular ring, the eponymous Outer Rim. The rules can be learned comparatively quickly, the moves take place in a fixed order with different actions.

There is also a noticeable element of luck, but such is the life of smugglers and spice traders. How well the start of a game succeeds depends largely on a few random factors. If the cards and dice don't mean well for one of the players, the beginning can be a bit tough - but this balances out as the game progresses.

At its core is the character gear and experiencing the stories conveyed through map events. Star Wars: Outer Rim is therefore one of those Star Wars board games that is actually more aimed at fans of the films or the franchise. The greatest fun is re-experiencing well-known scenes from the template on the board game table - sometimes with an uncertain outcome. Star Wars: Outer Rim offers a lot of flair and atmosphere, but at the same time has to struggle with one or the other flaw. But: With the appearance of the first expansion "Open invoices" there is the possibility for meaningful adjustments. And apparently the add-on irons out some mistakes, provides more confrontation and more small stories in card form. It almost goes without saying that new characters and spaceships also come into play.

Star Wars: Outer Rim is a connoisseur to expert game for 1 to 4 players and recommended for ages 15+. A game lasts about 120 to 180 minutes

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