The release of Star Wars: Squadrons is known. EA Motive's space combat game will be released on October 2nd for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4, there even with VR support. In a first trailer Electronic Arts presents action-packed fight scenes and excerpts from the cutscenes. It's already official: Star Wars: Squadrons will offer various game modes, including a story campaign and multiplayer battles. 

Spaceship battles from a first-person point of view will feature EA Motives new game Star Wars: Squadrons, the developers, together with publisher Electronic Arts and Lucasfilm, have announced. The game should be released on October 2nd.

Star Wars: Squadrons features story campaign and multiplayer mode

The solo campaign, the story of which is based on the events of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, will be particularly exciting. Those who have only hoped for it so far will now receive official confirmation: Squadrons focuses on the classic trilogy and thus the fight between the Empire and the alliance of the rebels - in the time after the destruction of the second Death Star. Fans experience the story from the perspective of the empire and the rebels. Exciting: Iconic characters from the trilogy will also appear in the storyline.

A first goosebumps trailer reveals what fans can look forward to:


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It seems like Electronic Arts got one of the turns using the mighty license after all. The premiere trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons focuses on fast-paced spaceship action. In addition to the content for solo players, there will be various game modes in the multiplayer area, including fleet battles and 5-vs-5 dogfights, at least that's known so far.

On the side of the Rebel Alliance, players can slip into the pilot's suit or the helmet for the Empire. With the announcement of the game, EA announced full details on Star Wars: Squadrons. In this way, the ships can be improved and cosmetic modifications can also be unlocked. Players can earn the goodies by advancing within a ranking system. Weapons, ship armor, shields, external modules and optical adjustments by the pilot can be unlocked step by step. Some locations are already known, including the gas giant Yavin Prime and the devastated moon Galitan.

Star Wars: Squadrons is being developed by EA Motive, the team that was responsible for the solo campaign in Battlefront 2. According to EA, the game is staged using the Frostbite engine. The space combat game will be released for PC (Steam, Epic Store, Windows), Xbox One and Playstation 4 including PSVR. In addition, the game becomes part of the Game subscriptions Origin will be premiere. By the way: Crossplay should also be supported.

Electronic Arts could present further impressions of Star Wars: Squadrons as part of the EA Live Play on June 18th.

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