Star Wars: Squadrons is proving to be an extremely successful space shootout for publisher Electronic Arts. SuperData recorded over a million digital sales for the month of October. The developers at EA Motive have long since abandoned the idea of ​​not expanding the title at all in the future: A new map and new ships will find their way into the game. 

A total of around 1.1 million times* Star Wars: Squadrons went over the virtual counters in October alone. The space game is now in the launch phase Star Wars: Battlefront 2 from 2017. To Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order But you couldn't go past. The solo action game sold nearly three million copies in its month of release.

New content for Star Wars: Squadrons is coming

One reason for the good sales figures was probably the unusually low price for publication. At the same time, this means that the sales generated with Star Wars: Squadrons are significantly lower than with other Star Wars games: after all, there are no paid DLCs and no microtransactions.

Electronic Arts had released a short film for the launch:

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After all, the basic idea of ​​not wanting to continue to feed the game with content in the future has long been off the table. EA Motive is introducing the new multiplayer map “Fostar Haven” in November and is working on balancing improvements. Two new spaceships are to be implemented in December: the B-Wing for the New Republic and the TIE Defender for the Empire. Exciting: While the B-wing acts as a classic bomber but has a gyro cockpit, the Tie Defender is essentially an attacker, but is equipped with shields.

And custom games are also to come: two teams of up to five players can then prove their skills in fleet battles and dogfights

Star Wars: Squadrons is available for PC; Playstation 4 and Xbox One, the space shooter can also be used on Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X | S play on the new power consoles even at significantly higher frame rates.

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