Then you thought the day was over and then Electronic Arts would come around the corner with this message. The publisher giant and holder of the powerful license has officially announced the next Star Wars video game with Star Wars: Squadrons.

Responsible for the new Star Wars video game is EA Motive and thus the development team that started teasing a new project with the powerful license last year. EA Motive had recently worked on the solo campaign for Battlefront 2, and now - according to the title of the new game - an excursion into space is probably imminent.

Star Wars: Squadrons is featured in the trailer

Known for a long time as "Project Maverick", the game now officially has a name. Star Wars: Squadrons should put spaceships at the center of the gameplay - and fans are rightly hoping for a kind of X-WIng vs. Tie-Fighter. There have been rumors for a few weeks that the announcement of a new Star Wars game could be imminent. Now, Electronic Arts has let the womp rat out of the bag, quickly and painlessly via Twitter:

It was no longer surprising that the official announcement came so suddenly. Electronic Arts came under pressure after a leak on the Xbox website. There fans had already discovered Star Wars: Squadrons. But that's not all: The pictures published there showed pilots of the rebels and the empire, as well as various spaceships, including X-WIngs, and A-Wings fighting TIE fighters and TIE bombers.

It seems almost certain that EA will focus on motives for Star Wars: Squadrons spaceship fights, possibly also dogfights. EA confirms this indirectly via Twitter by calling “Pilots wanted”. The game will probably be based on a single player campaign, but will also include a multiplayer concept.

The reveal trailer will be released next Monday, June 15th. More information could then follow on June 18, as Electronic Arts has scheduled an EA Live Play for this day.

There is no official information, but rumor has it that Star Wars: Squadrons will be released in autumn 2020, then accordingly for current-gen consoles. Whether versions for Xbox Series X or Playstation 5 are planned is not yet known. You will know more by Monday at the latest.

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