Star Wars Shatterpoint is the new miniatures game from Atomic Mass Games via Asmodee. With the pre-order start, the prices are now also visible - they are salted. 

You can't blame even the really big publishers for wanting to make money. Licensing is a good way to squeeze the maximum out of a game idea, a constant supply of new content is another - using both in combination then seems to be a logical step. Masters of their trade include Fantasy Flight Games and Atomic Mass Games, which make many a board game or card game particularly lucrative with a constant flow of expansions. Star Wars Shatterpoint is a new money grab coming soon. 

Star Wars Shatterpoint: "All in" for around 450 US dollars

Expectedly from June 2nd, fans can plunge into new skirmishes. That's when the miniature game Star Wars Shatterpoint is supposed to come onto the market. You can already pre-order the title in the USA – and thus familiarize yourself with the advertised prices. Or prepare mentally. Or: simply save. 

Because it is already foreseeable that the new miniatures game with the powerful license will not be a cheap pleasure. If you add up the prices for the basic box, the unit packages and the bells and whistles planned so far, you get a price of around 450 US dollars. That's the equivalent of 414 euros. And these are just the products that will be available at the launch of the new brand. After the release, what fans of similar games already know will follow: new expansions, smaller and larger, appear at regular intervals. A price of around 50 US dollars will probably be called per squad, which is how much the two starter packages for General Kenobi and Count Dooku cost. 

Board games such as Star Wars Legion, Star Wars Imperial Assault or Star Wars Armada or X-Wing or card games such as the LCGs for Marvel, The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars or Arkham Horror should serve as examples of monetization strategies. A good dose of "FOMO" should also play a role, because if Star Wars Shatterpoint is successful, it can be assumed that supplies could run out quickly. The fear of missing something, fans know, for example, from previous Star Wars miniature games, but also from Marvel Champions. Extensions are sometimes difficult to get, sometimes not at all. At some point, such a project will simply be phased out, even if it is very successful - the items will then be offered on the secondary market, some of them in their original packaging, at crazy prices (Hello, Star Wars Imperial Assault!). 

This will hardly bother lovers of such licensed game series, they get the maximum amount of fun from the money spent. At least the same applies to Star Wars Shatterpoint: you can also paint your figurines, so that's part of the attraction. 

Cards, dice, tactics - the playful framework of Star Wars Shatterpoint is roughly known. The contents of the packages can also be viewed. What the game will ultimately accomplish on the table is uncertain. If it resembles Star Wars Legion, there should be a real treat for fans despite the high prices. 

Asmodee US is listing the following prices for the packages announced so far:

  • Star Wars: Shatterpoint Core Set - $164,99
  • Star Wars: Shatterpoint - Hello There: General Obi-Wan Kenobi Squad Pack - $49,99
  • Star Wars: Shatterpoint - Twice the Pride: Count Dooku Squad Pack - $49,99
  • Star Wars: Shatterpoint - High Ground Terrain Pack - $74,99
  • Star Wars: Shatterpoint - Ground Cover Terrain Pack - $74,99
  • Star Wars: Shatterpoint - Dice Pack - $14,99
  • Star Wars: Shatterpoint - Measuring Tools - $14,99

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