Only 233 days to the official release of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. Too many days for all Star Wars fans eagerly awaiting the latest masterpiece from their favorite sci-fantasy universe, but at the same time enough time for all Star Wars fans who want to catch up on content that has been missed from the previous Star Wars universe. So why not shorten the waiting time with a few exciting rounds of pen & paper? Beginners and advanced role-players will find a wonderful story structure in Star Wars: On the Edge of the Empire, which catapults the players straight into the adventure. So if you've always wanted to repeat the very topical, but already legendary words of Han Solo, this is your chance. Put on smuggler's vest, polish the DL-44 blaster pistol and sit in the pilot's seat of the Rabid Hawk: Chewie, we're home.

The basic rules

Every well thought-out pen & paper concept has a solid set of basic rules that define the framework and, in particular, slowly introduce newcomers to the unknown. Of course also educates Star Wars: On the Edge of the Empire there is no exception. The basic rules for domestic role-playing fun come from the pens of Jay Little, Sam Stewart, Andrew Fischer and Tim Flanders.

Among other things, the rule set includes the following role-play content:

  • A dynamic dice system that supports narrative play
  • Complete Rules for Six Professions
  • 19 specializations and
  • 8 species for flexibility in character development
  • Rules for obligations that anchor characters in the game world of On the Edge of The Empire
  • Space combat
  • Modifiable equipment
  • Power skills
  • Lots of dangerous opponents
  • …and even more.

Those familiar with the SciFantasy series can see at first glance that it contains all the important content from the Star Wars universe and that nothing is left to chance - unless, of course, it's about rolling the dice. By the way, the nicely designed, but unfortunately not cheap at just under 15 euros, are suitable for this. Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG dice

What would be an idea of Star Wars: On the Edge of the Empire without a brief overview of the background stories? I don't want to owe you that, so watch out!

In a galaxy far, far away, the empire has become a threat to freedom and democracy. The Emperor, together with his right-hand man Darth Vader, rules over large parts of the galaxy. The construction of a new super weapon that can destroy entire planets must stop. Brave rebel groups face the dark empire and fight for their just cause. Star Wars: On the Edge of the Empire takes place in the times of the classic trilogy, i.e. between Episodes IV and VI. In whose footsteps you as a player now follow is up to you. Whether you are a rogue smuggler, a feared bounty hunter or a talented politician and organizer of a colony in the Outer Rim, the fate of the player characters is entirely in your hands (and a bit in those of the game master).
May the force be with you!

The entry-level box

The Entry-level box from Star Wars: On the Edge of the Empire won the Griffin Scroll in 2014. This set is perfect for a cautious start and also introduces absolute newbies to the subject of P&P role-playing games. In addition, this set already contains 14 symbol cubes, which are just as necessary for playing as a pencil and a pad.

Ready-made character maps make it easier to get started and catapult you straight into the adventure, which is constantly driven forward by a playful narrative system and comes up with unexpected twists and turns. 3 to 5 players benefit from the independent entry-level box, which should not be missing on any P&P shelf due to its good equipment and is the ideal entry into the smuggling business. Comprehensive explanations of rules make it possible to create or tell your own adventures after a short familiarization period. Exciting hours of play before Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens are guaranteed!

For game masters

Star Wars without charismatic archenemies would not be Star Wars, but at best Star Trek (So, may the wrath of all Trekkies fall on me!) !

And who better to embody an archenemy than an experienced game master who is also given loads of tools from Fantasy Flight Games?

The Game master set from Star Wars: On the Edge of the Universe contains rules for creating arch enemies and new adventures. A game leader's screen is also included, which clearly summarizes the essential rules and tables. The basic rules of Star Wars: On the Edge of the Empire are required to play.

New Adventure: Beyond the Edge

If you have completed the previous adventures, you are sure to be longing for more supplies. Sterling Hershey and Mark Warren have written exciting stories Beyond the Edge for you, which revolve around abandoned communication pods, a lost spaceship and undiscovered secrets from the clone era. Wonderful for all role players for whom exploring is particularly important as a game element. The Star Wars: On the Edge of the Empire Adventure Volume: Beyond the Edge introduces new planets and offers you again impressive locations, such as Raxus Prime or the planet Cholganna. The new breed of amphibious Revvos is just as missing as the dangerous Nexu big cats or new vehicles with which you can whiz across the planet's surfaces at high speed. For those who can't get enough of Star Wars: On the Edge of the Empire!

Role-playing professionals looking for special challenges start with one of the Specializations from Star Wars: On the Edge of the Empire by. There is currently a choice of cross-border commuters, soldiers, traders, bodyguards and scouts. Specializations are special decks that also have special goals. 

The specialization decks must be combined with the basic rules and each contain all 20 talents of the selected specialization. The scout, for example, is a true survivor who can get along in even the most hostile of environments. In addition, exploring new planets and locations is his motivation. The retailer, on the other hand, strives for constant profit maximization and increases his customer base even in the most remote worlds. The cross-border commuter is a hybrid of a diplomat and an astronavigator. And if diplomacy is not enough, the cross-border commuter can run particularly fast. Bodyguards and soldiers, on the other hand, are absolute fighting machines. They are dominated by weapon skills and military training. Ideal for everyone who likes to unpack the steam hammer.

You still have 233 days to experience all of the adventures of Star Wars: On the Edge of the Empire. Don't waste time and go on a journey to the infamous Outer Rim. After your return and passed a lot of exams it is finally time to say: Chewie, we are at home!