In addition to the current cinema highlight Star Wars - The Force Awakens, the pen & paper expansions are currently particularly interesting for fans in order to experience exciting stories with characters they have invented in a larger game. My first post on Star Wars Pen & Paper: On the Edge of the Empire was about the entry-level content, the first story expansion and the character specializations. However, that was already 233 days ago and the question now arises as to whether and what kind of news there is in the pen & paper universe regarding the Star Wars brand. Fans can breathe a sigh of relief because a lot has actually happened. The following blog article is all about RPG replenishment for Star Wars fans. Have fun!

On the edge of the empire

Three Star Wars pen & paper role-playing games already exist and beginners will find it difficult to choose, because each offshoot has its own individual advantages. So in the end all that remains is to try everything out and discuss within the role play group which of the three alternatives you want to follow first.

Star Wars: On the Edge of the Universe chronologically represents the entry into the Pen & Paper Universe. After the introductory content, numerous new story expansions have been released that RPG fans take with them on journeys to distant galaxies. First of all, perhaps the biggest drawback should be mentioned: You will only find the majority of the add-ons published so far in English in stores. At least rudimentary foreign language skills should be available, otherwise Star Wars Pen & Paper will give you little pleasure - or if you only use the German publications, at least a little less variety. Language barriers are of course non-existent for real role-players and a good dictionary of foreign words helps in an emergency. So let's have fun. In the story snippet Far Horizons focus on the colonists. The silent heroes of the Star Wars universe are all about hard credits and exciting adventure journeys into unexplored sectors of the galaxy. In addition to expanded career opportunities, you can create your own home or optimize your character's trading skills in order to strive for a life of luxury.

If, on the other hand, you have always wanted to follow in Han Solo's footsteps, the extension Fly casual well served. Everything here revolves around the dangerous, but potentially very profitable life of a smuggler. Fly Casual is one of the absolute "must haves" of the Star Wars pen & paper universe, because Fantasy Flight Games has responded to the wishes of the fans with the introduction of the smuggler profession. And what would a smuggler be without the right spaceship?

So it is not surprising that a lot of different pilots are finding their way into the pen & paper world. Including various freighters, the Star Wing Assault Gunboat, the light freighter YT-2000 and the attack and transport ship VT-49 Decimator. Autopilot systems and astrodroids can of course be used. It can be smuggled!

Star Wars Pen & Paper: The best expansions at a glance
Star Wars Pen & Paper: The best expansions at a glance

And where we are right now with smugglers who, among other things, pass the time in the relevant red-light sectors gambling: Without Hutten, no ... .. right, smuggling jobs!

Four new races are waiting to be embodied by the role players. Sakiyans, Ganks, Nikto and of course Hutten. So if you have always wanted to eke out your existence as a jabba'esquer criminal boss, you get the Star Wars Pen & Paper expansion Lords of Nal Hutta his chance. Critics could say that Hutts are somehow too boring, too disproportionate, too immobile, too rare. And yes, a role-playing group that consists of 100 percent Hutts seems strange, but this storybook is a clear plus for the freedom of play. Experience exciting background stories about the Hutts and their home planet Nal Hutta. 

Star Wars - Age of Rebellion was published in German by Heidelberger Spieleverlag. This starter set forms the basis for new, exciting adventures in the Star Wars pen & paper universe. Ready-made character portfolios enable you to start immediately after unpacking. Regardless of whether you are a newcomer or a veteran, Age of Rebellion takes you into a familiar world, which you expand with your own adventures; You will be supported by a detailed set of rules. 3 to 5 players embark on exciting beginner missions. The only drawback: the background story is a little stingy with details. You should therefore know a little about Star Wars.

When Leia and Luke adorn the cover of the story book, great stories are not far away. And actually: That Basic rule book The Age of Rebellion, the second set of rules in the Star Wars rulebook, gets almost everything right. The introductory game is tailored to the rebellion, followed by chapters that focus on various topics of life in the Star Wars universe. Age of Rebellion can be used as an introductory book or with On the edge of the empire be combined. In the latter case, some content is of course repeated. The chapter contents range from space battle rules, to campaign management, to the description of important locations, planets and characters.

The storybook is for budding pilots and space combat fans Stay on Target an indispensable reference work. This work is peppered with detailed background stories, brings new talents and specializations, loads of new equipment and of course new playable races again. This rule book will make the introduction of Ace characters into your personal Star Wars pen & paper story much easier. I also really like the presentation.

The rulebooks contain further new content Desperate allies, Strongholds of Resistance and Onslaught at Arda I. ready.

The force has long awakened here. The beginner game too Star Wars - Force and Destiny is currently only available in English and concludes the trilogy of rules. This successful reboot of the role-playing game series brings four completely new characters with it and introduces true Jedi to the Star Wars pen & paper universe. Detailed, exciting and sensationally well prepared. Force and Destiny works without any prior knowledge, the entry-level box anyway. Lightsaber swingers should keep an eye on this box and its free downloadable content. Those who are done with the beginner's content will find new adventures in the expanding storybooks. This is also recommended for ambitious P&P Star Wars fans Game Master's Kit as well as the adventure Chronicles of the Gatekeeper and Keeping the Peace. Helping you under your arms, you will find the right one in this part as well Basic rule book.