The Star Wars pen-and-paper role-playing game gets a new edition. Asmodee had announced reprints for several basic rule books from the Star Wars role-playing game era, and supplies are now apparently available from Edge Studios. 

In the United States in particular, the pen-and-paper role-playing game for Star Wars had taken a break of several years. The volumes were hardly available, at most at high prices on the secondary market. Apparently that is now changing again. 

The Star Wars tabletop RPG is back

The volumes Starships and Speeders, Dawn of the Rebellion as well as Rise of the Separatists can be bought again by dealers and then sold. According to Asmodee, the two game master sets for Edge of Empire and Age of Rebellion should also be available in November. For the first time in several years, the role-playing games based on Star Wars are back on the market with normal contingents. 

The role-playing game is now around ten years old. Fantasy Flight Games released the tabletop game based on the Star Wars license in 2012. Over the years it has grown into a vast portfolio of pen-and-paper role-playing games from various Star Wars eras. Among other things, the events in the Outer Rim were separated from the core worlds, Force and Destiny was a special set of rules about power-sensitive characters and the concepts were repeatedly enriched with detailed rules. The Star Wars role-playing game was popular at the time, but Fantasy Flight Games stopped supporting the market around three years ago - in 2019. The most recent releases are Rise of the Separatists and Collapse of the Republic. 

In any case, the responsibility for Asmodee's Star Wars games now lies with other studios. Atomic Mass Games is responsible for the X-Wing miniatures game and the tabletop board game Star Wars: Legion; the role-playing game product lines went to the newly founded Edge Studio. A reprint of the Star Wars role-playing books was announced there at the end of last year. Some of the works are now available again in English.

However, it remains unclear what the future of the Star Wars role-playing game will look like in terms of new content.  

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