Star Wars: Outer Rim has finally received its long-awaited first expansion. Many fans have already obtained their copy, while others have the add-on on the way. There are many innovations - especially the confrontational elements should be significantly increased.

In the run-up to the release of Star Wars: Outer Rim, Fantasy Flight Games has already done a great job, in other words: boosted the marketing. Bit by bit, new information about the content of the first expansion was published, the games were presented at the Star Wars Celebration Convention in Anaheim, California - and recently even a release trailer for Star Wars: Outer Rim was posted on the Internet.

Settling scores in the Outer Rim

Fans have been waiting for the release of the first expansion for a long time. For the first time in 2020, Fantasy Flight Games indicated that they had plans for the future of the story-heavy Star Wars board game in the Outer Rim. "Big plan” it was said at the time – and they were to come true. For many fans it was even true: they had to. Because Star Wars: Outer Rim could not completely convince the players - despite many strengths weakened the board game in some areas. The playing time seemed too long, the actions sometimes too repetitive. In return, the atmosphere and presentation were convincing at a level that has previously remained unmatched in Star Wars board games. Despite big titles like Star Wars: Rebellion or Imperial Assault. So beautiful and atmospherically presented stories like those in the Outer Edge have never been experienced before.

Fans therefore accepted weaknesses, but at the same time hoped for the development known from Rebellion: without an expansion, nobody would want to play this board game anymore. Asmodee had previously made a similar statement with Dune Imperium with the expansion Rise of Ix set – in principle, nothing works without an add-on if you want to bring the best possible gaming experience to the table.

The authors have improved: For the Kennerspiel there are new characters, new ships, new equipment and new missions, but also new playful elements. A "shortcut" to space travel and minor tweaks with tweaks that should make for more confrontation and interaction. Star Wars: Outer Rim is now available. The costs are around 48 euros. Previously, with Rise of Ix, that was already close to the limit for the material offered, but the investment is definitely worth it from a purely playful point of view. For Star Wars: Outer Rim - Open Account fans now have "a new hope" - and rightly so.


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