Star Wars: Outer Rim is getting an expansion, which Fantasy Flight Games has finally officially announced. In the latest “in flight” showcase, the US publisher also showed a first snapshot of the board game box, thus giving away the title of the add-on: Unfinished Business. “Open bills”, so the German translation, indicates at least a handful of new tasks and thus new story elements. So far, however, it is unclear what exactly is behind the expansion.

Star Wars: Outer Rim, the strategic board game with a distinct bring-and-buy concept, was generally well received by game fans - but the title was not free from criticism. Fans are rightly hoping that Fantasy Flight Games can eliminate some weak points with the Unfinished Business expansion in Star Wars: Outer Rim. It is not impossible: Star Wars Rebellion had made a significant leap in quality with the expansion. This is exactly what FFG will now have to measure up to.

More cards, more orders? More story?

Star Wars: Outer Rim is one of the best Star Wars board games currently availableeven if it doesn't match the qualities of Rebellion. Instead of strategic planning, Outer Rim focuses on the story-heavy gameplay. Players take on the roles of iconic characters from George Lucas' sci-fantasy epic and increase their fame by completing assignments. Earning credits, switching off targets, transporting smuggled and trading goods, adapting personal equipment and ship equipment - these are the core elements of Star Wars: Outer Rim, the plot of which is repeatedly driven by scraps of stories on the playing cards.

Fantasy Flight Games already announced that an expansion for Star Wars: Outer Rim is expected to appear in vaguely suggested last year. There isn't much information about the expansion, but at least the announcement is now official. In addition to new content - including presumably new characters and spaceships, orders and equipment - fans expect to improve the flow of the game. Fantasy Flight Games should lend a hand in the solo mode in particular. Outer Rim is also sometimes missing elements of tension - the game principle works, but depending on the course of a game, it sometimes splashes calmly.

Unfinished Business is the first expansion for Star Wars: Outer Rim. It remains to be seen whether it will be the last. Basically, the Star Wars universe would offer more than enough starting points to stretch the board game over and over again with large expansions and small updates. That an expansion will appear at all is currently surprising enough - fans had meanwhile already resigned themselves to the fact that the basic game could stay with the basic game due to the information available - now there is a “new hope”.


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