The expansion for the board game Star Wars: Outer Rim will be released in the summer, according to Fantasy Flight Games, and at the same time gives an overview of the new features of "Open Bills". It is the first add-on for the story-heavy Star Wars board game that is being distributed in a German version by Asmodee.

As a smuggler, bounty hunter, or mercenary, Star Wars: Outer Rim lets you spend time, complete quests, and upgrade your gear to ultimately become the most glorious protagonist of all. The bring and buy board game was well received, but was not free from weaknesses. If there's one aspect that's particularly good about Outer Rim, it's the combination of story experience and the opportunity to experience it with one of several well-known characters from George Lucas' sci-fantasy epic.

New ships, new equipment, new characters, and much more will be included in the expansion. Overall, Fantasy Flight Games provides more variety, but also more confrontation on the field.

Open invoices will be published in the summer

That an expansion for Star Wars: Outer Rim would be released, was clear for a long time – however, it was unknown when the add-on would appear. So far: As confirmed by Fantasy Flight Games, the first expansion for the Star Wars board game will be released this summer. For a long time, fans of the board game have had to wait many months for information about the release of Star Wars: Outer Rim - Unfinished Business.

According to the publisher, the add-on is “packed with new content”. The number of cards has doubled and work has apparently also been done on the variety of orders. One of the new core mechanics are the "core worlds", which can be attached to the semi-circular game board through modules. This makes traveling more convenient for players, but sometimes also dangerous and often more lucrative. So players have to pay for the time savings with an increased risk, because the core worlds are under the control of the empire.

More maps also means: lots of new story scraps. The creators are continuing on the path they have taken and continue to offer many (and now also new) stories from the Star Wars universe. This necessarily includes new or additional characters, and there are plenty of them too: among others, Hondo Ohnaka, Hera Syndulla, Cad Bane or Maz Kanata as well as the "cover star" of Unfinished Orders Dengar. Finally, Chewbacca will also be directly playable, who was present as a character in the base game, but not as the main character, but only as a contact. The expansion brings more variety into the game even with the basic selection.

Also new are contact tokens and database cards to use characters that were originally only usable as protagonists for your own crew - such as Han Solo or Boba Fett, as long as they are not blocked by a player. With the player bounties, an interactive mechanism is ultimately expanded, which should ensure even more confrontations in the end.

Another new aspect confirms this gameplay line: players will incur debts with other players, so they can borrow credits, for example. Then in exchange for a debt token as a symbol of the "favor". Because you will also be able to force others to respond to requests, another potential conflict factor should find its way into Star Wars: Outer Rim.

And something else will be new: ambitions. This objective expansion makes it harder to win a game. Then it is no longer enough to have collected the rum points - you also have to fulfill various set goals, depending on the requirements.

Fantasy Flight Games announces the first expansion for Star Wars: Outer Rim, Unfinished Business, for summer 2022. FFG specifies the price at around 45 US dollars.

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