The expansion to Star Wars: Outer Rim is coming – so far it is only unclear when “Unfinished Business” will appear. However, the German title is known: Asmodee Germany is bringing out the extension in this country with the additional title Open invoices. Otherwise there is hardly any information - based on the cover, at least a rough forecast of the expected content can be made. 

It's been around a year and a half since Star Wars: Outer Rim, a board game about bounty hunters, mercenaries and smugglers, came onto the market. In the run-up to the release, the hopes for a terrific Star Wars board game were high - the celebrated release is followed by disillusionment, at least for some players.

The black sun?

Star Wars: Outer Rim turned out to be comparatively simple bring-and-buy board game, but with a surprisingly successful story component. Story cards drive the story forward, and players are confronted with events and characters from George Lucas' sci-fantasy epic on their adventure. The shallow gameplay wasn't to everyone's taste, but the board game is one of the better representatives of licensed games. There was a decent dose of "Star Warsyness" with solid gameplay.

The fact that many players still bought the board game is due to the fact that Fantasy Flight Games titles are now looking to the future. Star Wars: Rebellion also made a huge leap in quality with the "Rise of the Empire" expansion - fans are hoping for something similar from the first expansion to Star Wars: Outer Rim. At first there was only Rumors of possible expansion content. Fantasy Flight Games hinted at an add-on - in the end, the vague predictions should be confirmed. In mid-September 2021, the creators unveiled Unfinished Business, the expansion that fans of Star Wars: Outer Rim had been hoping for. It stayed that way.

So far there is no news - apart from the information about the localized version as "Open invoices". Nothing is known about the content of Star Wars: Outer Rim - Unfinished Business or a possible release date. In summer the board game will be two years old.

Based on the cover, some conclusions can be drawn to classify Unfinished Business thematically. Star Wars: Outer Rim sticks to the official Star Wars canon, and the expansion will likely do the same. The previously revealed box art starts off with the bounty hunter Dengar, who appears in The Empire Strikes Back and briefly in Return of the Jedi. Apparently, the character has a role in the Star Wars: Outer Rim expansion that's big enough to at least earn a cover star appearance. This suggests that you will be able to play the bounty hunter Dengar as one of the new characters, then including his "Punishing One", a scout ship of the type JumpMaster 5000. In addition to his blaster rifle, it is above all HE grenades that Dengar is known for .

Next to the bounty hunter, a trap can be seen on the cover, a human alien race with features of reptiles. Her green skin and her black hair tied in a braid are striking. That fits thematically to the board game: Xizor is a criminal king who led the organization Die Schwarze Sonne. There is also a strong historical connection between Dengar and the Black Sun - most recently the bounty hunter himself was targeted by the criminals.

Unconfirmed, but it is possible that the fall on the pack of the outer rim extension is about Prince Xizor himself, the elegant appearance including the robe speaks for it, but the short pigtail clearly speaks against it - at least based on the previously known illustrations of the former prince. Whoever it is, the Black Sun should be set as a faction, after all it operates in the Outer Rim and thus literally imposes itself as a potential content.

Overall, the makers of the expansion of Star Wars: Outer Rim are in the area of ​​a surprise with the design of the box, because the characters or alien races shown belong to the second guard of the franchise, albeit combined with some story highlights, especially from the Fictional world. The appearance of the Black Sun would probably also be associated with some of its spaceships, such as the Braha'tok class or the CR90 Corellian Corvette.

Because Dengar and the Black Sun appear together, the expansion will take place in the era of the Galactic Empire. Large leaps in time were not to be expected due to the characters already available - and still usable - (e.g. Boba Fett or Han Solo). This would also involve a few other playable characters, such as Ketsu Onyo, who are known from the Clone Wars series.

Incidentally, there are enough approaches for improvements in Star Wars: Outer Rim for the expansion: Secret goals could be one of them, or more profound consequences from individual game actions that result in reputation or loss of reputation. One or the other bluff mechanic could also do the process good, also a tightening of the playing time overall - this could be achieved, among other things, by more options to trigger a rating.

When Star Wars: Outer Rim will be released is still unclear.

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