On October 05th, two of my favorite brands will meet: Star Wars and the cult board game Carcassonne by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede. It is the merging of two giants - and for board-playing Star Wars fans or star-waring board game lovers, a dream should come true.

Carcassonne - Star Wars Edition

The board game Carcassonne is likely to have come across most of the players on their journey through board game history. Most of them probably played Carcassonne themselves - and the vast majority of players found the game from Hans im Glück Verlag to be good or even outstanding.

Carcassonne won the Game of the Year award in 2001. With the brand new Carcassonne Star Wars Edition Much changes in the original game - the great game principle remains almost untouched and has only been modernized in a few places. Exciting duels enrich the gaming experience and turn the 25 small and 6 large meeples into true star warriors. Of course, Carcassonne - Star Wars is also about the classic battle between good and evil. Particularly great: The game box contains a sticker set that contains pictures of well-known characters from the Star Wars universe. The shapely meeples can be glued wonderfully and fit perfectly into the SciFantasy world. The placement cards are superbly designed and make a great visual impression. Planets, asteroid belts and star roads exude an authentic Star Wars atmosphere.

2 to 5 players, ages 7 and up, are entertained at the highest level for around 40 minutes per game.

Carcassonne - Star Wars Edition will be released on October 05th, 2015. Just in time for Spiel'15 in Essen.

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