By holy Wookie! It was clear that the release of the news about the localization of the new miniature game Star Wars: Legion from Fantasy Flight Games is only a matter of time. For fans, official reports are still the better reports. Now it is certain: Asmodee will bring the German version of Star Wars: Legion to the market at the beginning of 2018. Fans can already look forward to time-consuming ground battles with tactical depth. 

Star Wars Miniature Games: Do It Again, Vader!

The number of board games from the Star Wars universe continues to grow. Every Hollywood news story is followed by a board or video game announcement. That's hardly surprising given the popularity of the Star Wars brand, but it does come as a surprise to some players. After all, the miniature games with their countless extensions are extremely expensive. For fans, however, it is not just about purchasing the basic version of a Star Wars board game. The purchase of each mini expansion is almost a must for enthusiasts. And because the big game publishers want to take advantage of this fact, new "cupping machines" appear at regular intervals that dig deep into the players' pockets. One has to give the game designers credit for the fact that all miniature games were able to settle in the higher quality range. Regardless of whether Star Wars: Imperial Assault with its exciting combat and campaign content, the entertaining dogfight game Star Wars: X Wing* or Star Wars: Armada* with epic space battles: every title offers fans entertainment at a high level. As is so often the case, you can criticize the price models of the respective board game series.

At the beginning of 2018, Asmodee will appear with Star Wars: Legion the German version of the new strategic board game that focuses entirely on exciting ground battles concentrated. At least since the cinematic depiction of the clone wars, every fan knows how gigantic the battles with ground troops in the Star Wars universe can be. The elite of the Imperial military were not only (but also) cannon fodder, but responsible for countless military victories on George Lucas' favorite world.  

My name is legion Because we are many.

The equipment of the Star Wars: Legion The basic game consists of a total of 33 miniatures as well as additional game material (cards, markers, map pieces) so that you can start playing right away. The unpainted miniatures can be used as received or painted by yourself. Because the latter is what makes tabletop games so special, die-hard fans will initially spend many hours painting the figures. If everything is prepared as required, you can start playing the 2-player miniatures game Star Wars: Legion easy. As usual, a clear introductory game should familiarize the two opponents with the (mostly) extensive set of rules. Additional rule details are then practiced in further games in order to expand the range of tactical possibilities. 

Usual processes with ground troops?

The miniatures game Star Wars: Legion promises exciting battles with ground troops and thus raises a fundamental question: why another strategy game with infantry units has to be published if it is already available Star Wars: Imperial Assault* gives?  

The answer to the question results directly from the set of rules. More precisely: from the newly designed movement rules for the troops. Instead of having to laboriously pull each unit by themselves, the troops orientate themselves Star Wars: Legion at the respective leader. If Darth Vader storms towards his opponent in the usual graceful manner, his subordinates follow him almost blindly into their doom. This "movement aid" ensures faster troop movements. Nevertheless, countless tactical tricks should still be possible, such as taking strategically clever field positions or looking for cover. Each positioning can (as usual) have a decisive effect on the chances of victory.

Star Wars: Legion - Asmodee brings new Star Wars miniatures game in German version

We fought with the weapons available to the respective unit. The stormtroopers use their blaster rifles, the Jedi or Sith use lightsabers. This fact gives rise to further strategic possibilities with regard to the composition of the combat troops. In principle, the following applies: with every published expansion and every additional unit, more individual strategies can be implemented. The spiral of addiction should therefore be felt relatively quickly by the players. The equipped weapons have an impact on the chances of success in combat, as do the positions of the opposing troops. This results in an exciting game of cat and mouse in which the prediction of enemy troop movements (including tactical options such as encircling) becomes a decisive factor. As usual in tabletop games, the fights are fought with dice.

Additional strategies can be brought onto the field by using special skills or unit adjustments. This is done by using cards that are also included in the basic game. Even with the basic version of Star Wars: Legion players should have some tactic options available to adapt the troops at least rudimentarily to their own playing behavior. 

Star Wars Legion: Site of the Galactic Civil War

Also the 2-player miniatures game Star Wars: Legion will have fans fight fights in familiar locations. Judging by the timeline, the new Star Wars board game is set at the time of the Galactic Civil War. The well-known characters from the sci-fantasy universe are once again finding their way into the domestic board game world. Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker have already been confirmed as commanders in the release notification. More leaders will certainly come along over time. Undoubtedly Obi-Wan Kenobi or Princess Leia (which a fan should look forward to especially after the untimely death of Carrie Fisher) on the side of the rebels and Emperor Palpatine or tactical god Grand Moff Tarkin in the ranks of the Galactic Empire. New factions such as the bounty hunter guild, smugglers and criminal lords or even the Wookies are conceivable as mini expansions. In principle, the expandability should be based on the already established board game Star Wars: Imperial Assault * orientate. As a player with a passion for Star Wars (and a big wallet) there is no limit to the expansion of the troops. More information about Star Wars: Legion you can also get it on the website of Asmodee.

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