Something big is rolling out to fans: Building block manufacturer Lego has presented the new UCS model of the Imperial Star Destroyer and given a release date – actually two. The new Lego Star Wars set will be released for Lego VIP members on September 18th, everyone else can strike from October 1st. The Imperial Star Destroyer from the "mature" Ultimate Collectors Series (UCS) will then be available in all Lego stores and online on the official Lego website.

Almost 4.800 parts are in the elegant black box - Lego will charge around 700 euros for the UCS model of the Imperial Star Destroyer. Fans not only get a lot of plastic, but also a lot of flair: After all, this flying monster is the flagship of the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader. The age recommendation is Lego with 16 years. The Ultimate Collectors Series are not generally regarded as toys in the classic sense, but rather as collector's items.

4.784 components for 700 euros, spread over a meter 

From October 1st, the new UCS model from Lego can be built extensively, only VIP members are allowed to use it almost two weeks earlier, on September 18th. Even before the weekend, Lego caused a massive shake of power with the announcement of the release date. 

Together with the stand, the kit becomes a decorative collector's item. Photo: Lego

Together with the stand, the kit becomes a decorative collector's item. Photo: Lego

Even without a stand, Darth Vader's flagship is "impressive, most impressive": At a height of 37 centimeters, a width of 26 centimeters and a length of 110 centimeters, the UCS Imperial Star Destroyer makes an impressive impression - at least when fans first see it who successfully assembled 4.784 components. Lego quotes the price as 699.99 euros. A mini model of the Tantive IV is also included - and two blaster pistols!

Details such as mobile cannons, a tiltable radar dish and an impressive drive system complete the look of the model. The object stand with information board turns the "toy" into a "collector's item". 

With the new UCS model, fans are bringing the beginning of Star Wars into their living room. The set captures the opening sequence of "A New Hope" in which Princess Leia's Tantive IV is attacked by Vader's flagship. 

More information about the Ultimate Collectors Series model of the Imperial Star Destroyer and other Lego kits is available at

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