When Quantic Dreams new Star Wars video game "Star Wars Eclipse" was presented with a trailer at the Game Awards 2021, it was a nice surprise, especially since the CGI snippet made you want more. Rumor has it that it will be a long time before fans can actually get started. The release of Star Wars Eclipse is apparently a long way off.

At least as great as the distance in the galaxy far, far away is the release of Star Wars Eclipse, the new Star Wars video game from Quantic Dream. As industry insider Tom Henderson suspects, the trailer released as part of the game Awards 2021 was not intended to point to a Star Wars game that will be released in a few months, but to draw attention to developer talent. Apparently that didn't work out so well.

Star Wars Eclipse in 2027 at the earliest?

As Henderson reports in a report on Xfire, Quantic Dream was looking for talented developers and therefore published the pretty trailer to make the project more attractive, but it just didn't have the desired effects. Quantic Dream currently lists around 70 vacancies for the Paris location, including a lead narrative designer and narrative designer for Star Wars Eclipse. These two positions have been online since mid-February (or were last updated on this day).

It doesn't seem to be that easy for the development studio to fill the positions at the moment, because the dates of some job advertisements that have been running for a long time have been adjusted, such as Henderson by one Entry at Archive.org proven. So maybe the development of Star Wars Eclipse is not going as it should. Henderson already stated in December 2021 that the release of Star Wars Eclipse was at least three to four years away. The Star Wars game should be released in 2027 at the earliest, possibly later.

The vacancies at Quantic Dream are numerous - and apparently have remained vacant for a long time - but this does not automatically indicate problems within the studio. It could also just indicate that one acts cautiously when filling and actually tries to hire real industry giants.

According to other rumors, Quantic Dream released the trailer to motivate potential buyers. In view of the current desire to buy in the games industry, that would even be quite conceivable.

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