Quantic Dream, the studio behind hit titles like Heavy Rain, has unveiled Star Wars Eclipse, its next big project at the Game Awards 2021. Star Wars Eclipse is an action adventure game set in the Star Wars universe and will be part of the official canon.

Star Wars Eclipse is a video game developed by award-winning studio Quantic Dream in partnership with Lucasfilm Games. It is set in the era of the High Republic and combines action gameplay with a complex, branched story typical of Quantic Dream to create a unique and epic experience.

Quantic Dream is an independent development studio based in Paris and Montreal. The studio was founded in 1997 by David Cage. Heavy Rain's unique narrative experiences, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human, have reached millions of players around the world and won more than 250 international awards.

Impressive reveal trailer for Star Wars Eclipse

The award-winning game developer and publisher unveiled Star Wars Eclipse with a reveal trailer in a world premiere during the Game Awards 2021. Star Wars Eclipse, being jointly developed with Lucasfilm Games, is Quantic Dreams' most ambitious project to date and is in the early stages of development.

In Star Wars Eclipse, for the first time in a video game, players will explore an unexplored region of the Outer Rim in the era of the High Republic, also known as the Golden Age of the Jedi.

As is typical for Quantic Dream, the game will come up with a deep and complex story, but in terms of gameplay it will go beyond the previous successful titles. At the center of the action will be the choices made by the players, each of which can have a dramatic impact on the course of the story.

A team of writers, game developers and interactive storytelling experts, who share their love for the Star Wars franchise, create unique places and characters in Star Wars Eclipse, each with their own special skills and goals.

Star Wars Eclipse is currently being developed in Paris, France and Montreal, Canada, and is in the early stages of development. Once completed, it will be released worldwide through Quantic Dream. The team is currently looking for the best talent in both locations to work on this exciting new project. Further information can be found at: StarWarsEclipse.com.

There is no release date for Star Wars Eclipse yet. The presentation of the project at the Game Awards was the first public signal from Quantic Dreams and Lucasfilm Games about the game. Except for the trailer, there was nothing to see about the action adventure, especially no gameplay material. That - and the fact that the game is in the early development phase - at least suggests that it will be some time, probably years, before the release of Star Wars Eclipse. It is also unknown on which platforms the title will appear.

Star Wars Eclipse trailer

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