Quantic Dreams new Star Wars video game "Star Wars Eclipse" has been presented with a trailer - there are not many more details about the title so far. After all: A current rumor points to a new species.

The release of Star Wars Eclipse is apparently in far distance, that is currently assumed. However, there is no shortage of video games based on the “powerful license”: the release of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – the successor to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - on. The action-adventure game is rumored to be releasing in March 2023, and the game is on track to meet the deadline. At least that's what Jeff Grubb of the Giant Bomb podcast assumes. Official news could follow in December.

There is far less information about Star Wars Eclipse, but there are also fewer rumors. A recent leak now wants to reveal that a completely new species is finding its way into the universe.

Star Wars Eclipse in the new era

Star Wars Eclipse is something of a novelty: it is set in the still new era of the High Republic, around 200 years before the events of The Phantom Menace. Otherwise, one keeps a low profile as far as the content and actors of the new video game are concerned.

A rumor is now fueling speculation about a new species, and the Sacred Symbols podcast even mentioned a name: Zaraan. It should be a humanoid species whose work revolves around military and political power. The Zaraan are said to have continued to build a powerful empire.

That's not all, it gets even more detailed. A Zaraan woman around 30 years old is said to be a main character of Star Wars Eclipse. Her name: Sarah.

The focus of the story is, among other things, the marriage of the Zaraan woman to her husband Xendo. He has a softer note than his wife, whereas she shows a much harder side. The relationship between both characters and their fundamentally conflicting views will reportedly be a central part of the Star Wars Eclipse story.

It is also exciting that you claim to know who is responsible for the story of the game. That is said to be David Cage (including: Heavy Rain or Beyond: Two Souls) and Adam Williams (including Detroit: Become Human). This is particularly interesting because of the current assumption that the game is not yet in the production phase.

Well-connected journalist Tom Henderson has the details of the leak Insider Gaming approved . Henderson states that the information came from a "controlled leak" from Quantic Dream itself. The studio hopes to measure community reactions, Henderson said.


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