The Force was on May 4, 2017 with those who enjoy playing Star Wars board games in their spare time. The real surprise reports did not materialize in the anniversary year of the sci-fantasy saga by George Lucas, but fans were still happy about countless new announcements from the world of games on this day. Almost every currently successful parlor game that is set in the Star Wars universe is given exciting expansions. Let's take a look at the new announcements from Fantasy Flight Games together.

Star Wars Rebellion: Rise of the Empire

The asynchronous game concept of the strategic board game Star Wars: Rebellion has cast a spell on fans around the world. The two-player tactician received very good to excellent reviews from critics. We too have reviewed the title after an extensive period of play and are in ours Star Wars: Rebellion Board Game Review overall came to a positive result. We have mentioned several times in our reports that an expansion to the highlight board game from Fantasy Flight Games is not only likely but also certain. Not only the package size left space for expansion units, the playful basic structure of the basic game is also ideal for additional content - even asks for it. On Star Wars Day 2017 the time had finally come: Fantasy Flight Games officially announced the first expansion for Star Wars: Rebellion. The extension is called Star Wars Rebellion: Rise of the Empire and thus indicates the direction of the game idea.

Star Wars Rebellion: Rise of the Empire based on the content of the latest of the Star Wars films: Rogue One. Thus, on the side of the Empire, the sophisticated war machine once again plays the essential strategic role for supporters of the dark side. Rebels rely on hope again (“My only Hope” playing card – based on the holovid and the appearance of Princess Leia). The vehicles and characters of the spin-off Star Wars: Rogue One were the inspiration for the units and playing cards of Star Wars Rebellion: Rise of the Empire. While fans of the rebels follow in the footsteps of iconic heroines such as Jyn Erso or Cassian Andor, imperial strategists use the cold-bloodedness of Director Krennic to their advantage. Among other things, imperial death troops, star destroyers, rebel frigates and gun batteries are commanded. The impressive aircraft from Rogue One will not be missing either. Board game strategists are happy too Star Wars Rebellion: Rise of the Empire on the introduction of the U-Wing. Power is also in play if, for example, Chirrut Imwe intervenes as a hero in the events. 

The expansion also turns playfully Star Wars: Rebellion all about drama, tactics and epic decisions. Again, board players fall back on various strategic options and operate in secret or confront the opponent with a military superiority. Anything within the framework of the rules of the game is allowed. The equipment of Star Wars Rebellion: Rise of the Empire can be seen. A total of eight new leaders will send tacticians on missions in the future. 36 new miniatures, five target markers, three dice and two status rings expand the existing game material.

The core of the expansion are also 100 playing cards, which open up completely new possibilities for both players in the fight against the opponent. In this way, the plans of the Death Star can be protected from the rebels' access or direct damage can be dealt to weaken or even destroy units. A special element are the "Advanced Tactic Cards" that expand Star Wars Rebellion: Rise of the Empire with the so-called Cinematic Combat Rules, i.e. game rules that are intended to create a cinematic feeling. At the beginning of a round of combat, both factions secretly choose an "Advanced Tactic" card, which then has a direct impact on the course of combat when it is revealed. That sounds exciting and should provide some surprising twists. With the extension to Star Wars: Rebellion* Fantasy Flight Games relies on more game depth.

Star Wars Rebellion: Rise of the Empire has been announced for the third quarter of 2017. A publication date for the German edition is still pending, but should be around the fourth quarter of 2017 or first quarter of 2018.

Star Wars Destiny: Spirit of Rebellion

Fans of the collecting game Star Wars Destiny only have to wait for their replenishment as long as the parcel carrier needs to deliver the order to the front door. The boosters for Geist der Rebellion are already available in stores in both the English and German versions. Players once again determine the fate of the galaxy with the help of cards and dice. Expand 160 new maps Star Wars: Destiny about game content from all films.

The friendly smiling Maz Kanata is there as well as the fighting strength of the Gungans or the skill of a graying Han Solo. As with Star Wars Rebellion: Rise of the Empire In terms of content, there is a focus on the spin-off Rogue One, which is conceptually consistent in order to introduce all new characters into the game universe. Strategic changes result from changes in the focus of some cubes, which partially concentrate on individual strategies with the spirit of rebellion. The new boosters too Star Wars: Destiny are in stores now available*.

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Heart of the Empire

When naming the new expansions, Fantasy Flight Games is one-sided in the new expansion cycle. In the expansion to Star Wars: Imperial Assault, too, everything revolves around the empire. In Star Wars Imperial Assault: Heart of the Empire, a little dream comes true for players, because the expansions to the Star Wars miniatures game literally kidnap strategists into the heart of the empire: to Coruscant. The capital of the galaxy is not only richly populated, but also the home of Emperor Palpatine himself. So it's no wonder that this will also be available as a character pack as part of the expansion. He brings his former student Darth Maul along with him. The opponent is the young Togruta Ahsoka Tano, who fans already know from the Star Wars: Clone Wars series, where she is known not only for her fighting skills, but also for her idiosyncratic manner. 

Coruscant is the perfect playground for tactics fans. The city set with its confusing architecture and countless districts holds many dangers and space for exciting missions in the heart of the empire. The new replayable campaign includes a total of 16 missions that take place on all levels of the planet.

Star Wars Day 2017: Numerous new expansions for Star Wars board games announced

In doing so, players explore the city plan’s rich quarters and go down into the underworld, where criminal organizations rule with a hard hand. The Star Wars Imperial Assault: Heart of the Empire game box contains three new heroes (including Jarod Kelvin on the side of the rebellion), thirteen additional miniatures including the AT-DP tamper, completely new map tiles and over 130 playing cards. New game markers, however, indicate revised game tactics that allow players to try out new strategies. All miniatures from Star Wars Imperial Assault: Heart of the Empire can of course be painted as usual. This also applies to the three new character packs, which contain new markers as well as missions.

The three rather loose character packs announced for the second quarter of 2017 in their German versions should not go unmentioned in the context of this article:

Whether the expansion to the success of the base game Star Wars: Imperial Assault* will be able to follow up in the third quarter of 2017. The German publication date is still open.

Star Wars Armada: Conflict over Corellia

Starship commanders will now fight in the orbit of the famous planet Corellia, which is also home to the lovable smuggler Han Solo. The latest addition to Star Wars: Armada* puts the hyperspace routes in the heart of the galaxy at the center of the game. The strategically important target serves as a framework for exciting space battles in the Corellian sector, which the imperial armed forces have not given up without resistance. From now on up to six players fight for control of one of the strategically most important sectors in the Star Wars universe. In order to be able to play the epic campaign, the commanders need a fleet with a strength of at least 400 points.

Star Wars Day 2017: Numerous new expansions for Star Wars board games announced

A total of twelve new objectives await Star Wars Armada: Conflict over Corellia on their fulfillment. This also opens up new tactical options for deciding whether to win or lose. Also included are 16 new season tickets to lead legendary flying aces into exciting dog fights and mass battles. The extension Star Wars Armada: Conflict over Corellia is already available in stores and costs around 30 Euros*.

In addition, players will soon fall back on the new units of the sixth wave. Two new extensions will appear in the second quarter (English) and probably in the third quarter of 2017 (German): the hammerhead corvettes for the rebels and the Imperial Light Carrier. The new units are inspired by Star Wars: Rogue One and Star Wars: Rebels. The Armada Welle 6 impresses with quality instead of quantity. Although few new units appear, players should be given numerous strategic opportunities.

Star Wars X-Wing: Wave 11

While the tenth wave for the miniature game Star Wars: X-Wing is already available in German and English, Fantasy Flight Games or Heidelberger / Asmodee already has an outlook on Wave 11 delivered. Three new expansion packs will appear at the end of the second quarter of 2017: the Auzituck gunboat, the Scurrg H-6 bomber and the neat Tie-Aggressor. All ships are embedded in the existing set of rules, but offer fans of the Star Wars miniatures game completely new tactics.
Double-sided upgrade cards, unlimited supplies and new skills invite you to implement fast-paced maneuvers on the game board. The C-ROC cruiser will also be new for the third fraction of scraps and criminals.

Star Wars - The Card Game

Card players are happy about the final expansion of the opposition cycle for the LCG Star Wars: The Card Game. The power-boost expansion Technological Boggle contains 60 new playing cards including the bet sets 256 to 260 of the opposition cycle. As with the power-boost expansions, the basic game is also in this case Star Wars: The Card Game* needed.

Even after completing the sixth cycle, fans of the Star Wars LCG need not fear for supplies. The German name of the first power boost for the new alliance cycle has already been published: Zweckbündnis including mission sets 261 to 264 (from the 2nd quarter/17). Then it continues with the expansion "Aggressive Negotiations", as Fantasy Flight Games already does announced.

Star Wars Day 2017 was a successful event full of new announcements for fans of Star Wars board games. This should ensure that there will be plenty of supplies over the next few months.