Disney has postponed the start date for the new Star Wars series Andor by around a month – but there is now a new trailer. The series also kicks off with a three-episode premiere on the new launch day. 

On August 31, fans should have seen the first episodes of Star Wars - Andor on the Disney + streaming service - it will not. Disney has postponed the start of the series at short notice, at least not indefinitely, because the start date for Andor has already been set. This will be revealed in a new trailer. 

Andor: The next big thing

The prequel to Star Wars - Rogue One is eagerly awaited by fans. Many even speak of the best Star Wars series that Disney has produced to date. With a total of twelve episodes, Star Wars - Andor is even significantly longer than the previous seasons of the series. There is now a drop of bitterness: you have to wait a few weeks longer for the launch.

After all, you can pass the time with a new - and bombastic - trailer, which mentions a surprise in addition to the start day: Andor celebrates the launch on September 21nd with three episodes. Fans can thus experience the first day of the new series in quasi feature-length form. 

The series focuses on Cassian Andor, played by Diego Luna as in the film Roque One. It is not uncommon for prequels to fail in their task of telling the story. In this particular case, however, the creators had a relatively free hand for creativity and the development of the story. The trailers that have been released so far already indicate plenty of action and lots of reunion moments with well-known characters and the actors behind them.  

Andor will have a total of twelve episodes in the first season. The series is thus starting on a much larger scale than previous projects. Fans will therefore be entertained with the series until November – further seasons are also ready for sure. 

There's a lot going on for Star Wars fans on Disney+ in the coming months. The third season of the successful format The Mandalorian will start in spring 2023. It's followed by Ahsoka, The Acolyte, and Skeleton Crew. Disney+ has many new series for Star Wars fans to offer in the near future. 

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