Star Scrappers: Orbital is the new board game from terraforming Mars author Jacob Fryxelius. Players gradually build their own space station in it. The Swedish game maker remains true to the theme of “space”, even if the idea of ​​Star Scrappers: Orbital is basically an old one. The card game runs as crowdfunding in the Spieleschmiede.

Fans have until December 9th to decide to support the crowdfunding campaign in the Spieleschmiede. With Star Scrappers: Orbital, author Jacob Fryxelius has realized an idea whose foundation stone was laid before Terraforming Mars. “Space Station” was the name of the concept back then - now, after years of further development, the card game Star Scrappers: Orbital has emerged from it.

Build a space station in five years

The card game relies on a step-by-step process: initially equipped with just one core module and a little money, up to five players, ages 14+, build a space station at Star Scrappers: Orbital. You can do this by creating module cards. Over the course of five years, the “Space Station” is gradually being built. The card game also has a solo mode.

Players take turns performing exactly one action: They build modules on the space station, use or repair them or trigger events and interact with their competitors. The topic is ultimately broken down into a hunt for victory points: after each year, players receive points for the card types of which they have the most modules on their space station.

Supporters have until December 9th to participate in the Spieleschmiede to participate in the project in order to enable a German edition. You can also secure optional deluxe material and receive an exclusive mini extension as a thank you for the sponsorship.

Little by little, players build their space station. Source: Grimspire

Little by little, players build their space station. Source: Grimspire

As the initiator of the project, Grimspire has called a total of 10.500 euros as the target amount, around 150 blacksmiths are already involved and have invested almost 7.000 euros (as of November 12). After the successful “swarm financing”, the card game should be delivered in July 2021.

The standard pledge for the basic game, including the “Envoys” expansion, is 32 euros, while the game equipment with acrylic standees is available for 55 euros. If you want, you can also support Star Scrappers: Orbital in a deluxe version, then including the title “Cave in” by Hexy Studio, which is also played in the Star Scrappers universe - among other things, responsible for Hard City - but in the English version, including bonus cards and totem miniatures.

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