There's news on Star Citizen! The video game is a kind of phenomenon in the games industry: The space title is not even close to completion, is technically anything but balanced, the development status is in an early alpha - and yet the hoped-for masterpiece is still diligently collecting funds from supporters.

As a development project, Star Citizen has already generated more than 330 million US dollars in financial resources via crowdfunding. Again and again new records were set - and broken. The final target was set at $ 65 million, a whopping sum that has now increased fivefold. And the release of Star Citizen? Probably light years away.

Star Citizen: A Review of 2020

The PC game is currently in the early alpha stage. In view of the long development time, the great ambitions of the developers and the almost infinite financial resources, fans hope for nothing less than a masterpiece. But if recent events in the games industry have taught one thing, it is that one should be careful with overly ambitious projects. In any case, players do not give up their hopes and there is actually something like a roadmap, in the case of Star Citizen, however, it is more of a loose wish that should not necessarily be fulfilled faster due to the corona pandemic.

After all: The developers really seem to be working on Star Citizen and actually want to release the space game at some point. A new video has now been released that highlights the progress of the game in 2020. The developers talk about the project for around 17 minutes, show gameplay scenes and reveal details about the ideas - and thus keep the fans' hopes alive.

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Despite more or less regular updates, Star Citizen is a strange development project: An unbelievably high production sum is offset by results that are currently hard to assess how they fit the investment. There are also no timings, when Star Citizen will appear is uncertain, it could not even be narrowed down vaguely at the moment. After all, the developers are consequently following their line and are not put under pressure by deadlines. What can come of this can end in a fiasco.


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