Is there something happening at Star Citizen? At least on the crowdfunding account: Cloud Imperium Games around Chris Roberts recently broke the half a billion US dollar mark. 

The supporters have invested around 100 million US dollars in the past few months since November 2021 alone - the number of crowdfunding backers themselves is impressive: almost 4,1 million. Nevertheless, the space simulation is now a controversial project in the games industry. The main reason: It just doesn't really want to be finished. Even more: There is not even a targeted release date.

Star Citizen: a never ending story

It seems the developers took all the time in the world to make Star Citizen a finished product. Will that take the pressure off the teams? Yes. At least for now. As long as there are supporters who invest money in Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium Games has real freedom of fools. In the long run, however, this may not remain the case, because the ambitious project is aging despite its obvious technical advantage. Star Citizen has been in active development for more than ten years now. The space simulation was announced in 2012 - and now it continues to grow month by month, also financially.

A vicious circle has developed: more and more ideas, more ships, more game details. Cloud Imperium Games didn't just want to deliver. Ultimately, your own ambitions meant that you no longer strive towards a release date, but instead savor a playable alpha version as long as you can. A huge galaxy, countless ships, action outside the cockpit, life on space stations, PvP arenas, Squadron 42, its own star-studded solo game - Star Citizen is the jack of all trades among space simulations. But players only want one thing: to finally gamble – and without bugs.

The supporters of the Star Citizen crowdfunding campaign have long been able to play, but in a buggy early version of the game. This is partly fun because the title, despite its age, shows the beginnings of the visionary ideas, but it is also frustrating because mistakes sometimes spoil the fun of the game. So what to do as a fan? Wait, wait, wait.

What is left when you have paid 50, 100 or even 1.000 euros for a ship in the hope of being able to jet through a bug-free galaxy at some point? The anticipation of Star Citizen can still be felt in the community, but also annoyance to the point of indifference. In any case, due to the development time of around ten years, young players may not even know Star Citizen. Cloud Imperium Games will have to work hard to keep the space sim talking. Monetary milestones alone are not enough. The goal must remain a finished product with a release in the foreseeable future. Some fans raise doubts.

Star Citizen and its trappings remain impressive: cracking half a billion US dollars in crowdfunding money is a big deal. It is also impressive how quickly the amount has increased. When Cloud Imperium Games Corporation closed swarm funding on the Kickstarter platform in 2012, the game was worth just over $2,1 million. They had only aimed for 500.000 US dollars. So that in itself was a resounding success. Then came a mass of new ideas – and then came the delays.

For comparison: The development of the gacha game Genshin Impact has meanwhile devoured around 500 million US dollars. However, the makers have already taken around three billion at the same time. Cloud Imperium Games would face this challenge with the release: new content, long-term support - fans probably won't want to wait ten years again.

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