Overall, Star Citizen has been rather quiet in the past few weeks. Now, however, Cloud Imperium Games is back with an impressive visual teaser that shows the graphic splendor of Star Citizen: Squadron 42. Although the optics are in the foreground of the new trailer, fans can see some changes in the ships.

Star Citizen fans have a tough time these months. Cloud Imperium Games was stingy with new information, but recently returned with an impressive teaser trailer that gives an impression of the grandiose look of Star Citizen: Squadron 42. The visuals teaser focuses on the graphic aspects of the game - there is almost no gameplay scene.

Star Citizen: Squadron 42 beta planned for winter 2020

The trailer shows how good space games can look. Star Citizen has become a kind of “neverending story” for many players. Because the game has been quieter in the past few months, this “information pause” could actually mean that the title is slowly heading towards completion. 

Star Citizen: Squadron 42 is a campaign release that is supposed to tell the story behind the multiplayer part. The playful concept is reminiscent of the space classic Wing Commander. There are well-known actors, including Mark Hamill and Gary Oldman, who impersonate central characters.

Squadron 42 is set in 2945: The Vanduul attacked Vega II. The player does his military service in these warlike times (completing the campaign will grant advantages for the multiplayer part). The story is told in several episodes in around 70 missions with a playing time of around 20 hours.

Cloud Imperium Games is now presenting Star Citizen: Squadron 42 from its graphically best side at the end of the year. There is no real gameplay except for a short sequence, but it shows how players should move around in weightlessness with their hands in the outer area (from minute 2:04). The feature is planned for the second quarter of 2020:


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Although the visuals teaser for Star Citizen: Squadron 42 offers little new at first glance, the community is eagerly discussing possible changes to the spaceships. From minute 1:55, two winged devices that are not dissimilar to the Cutlass and Mustang models can be identified, but the details have been adjusted. There is no official information about the changes. However, fans suspect variants or modifications behind it. Adjustments can also be seen on the Idris and Glaive. 

Star Citizen: Squadron 42 should start the final test phase at the end of 2020. The alpha campaign will be released in autumn, the beta will follow in winter. The release of Squadron 42 could actually take place in 2021 - provided Cloud Imperium Games can keep to the schedule. 

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