A board game will be released for the Netflix hit series Squid Games – there is a catch, at least for fans in this country. The title is published exclusively by the US department store chain Walmart. Nevertheless: The board game can also be obtained in Germany via a few detours.

Hwang Dong-hyuk's South Korean drama series has proven to be a real hit for Netflix. Squid Game made the rounds, made headlines, made the jump to carnival costumes. The fact that a board game based on the series is only now appearing is almost more surprising than the fact that such a game is appearing. For German fans there is still a catch: the board game for Squid Game is exclusively available via Walmart in the US offered.

Squid Game: Board game for three to six players

The Netflix series Squid Game was not without controversy, sometimes extremely brutal, but a ray of hope among the new formats that had otherwise become almost uniform. After the hype about the release in 2021, things have calmed down - until now. Three to six players play six rounds in the board game adaptation. The theme remains the same: It's all about surviving the various elimination challenges.

The deadly formats red and green light, the sugar test Dalgona, marbles, tug of war and the glass bridge are played. Finally, let's talk about the squid game itself, which is based on the South Korean game "Ojingeo". In the board game for Squid Game you are not alone as a player, but control a team of twelve participants. Each round takes about five minutes of gameplay, after each round you will be able to upgrade your team with new group members. It is unclear how exactly a traitor mechanism mentioned on the packaging is used. Basically, however, the idea of ​​the series seems to be adhered to: players can form alliances, only to become adversaries at the right moment.

The goal is simple: a player wins if one of their teammates makes it through the trials and ultimately wins the Squid Game. Incidentally, there can also be several winners – they then share the prize money. The board game for Squid Game is expected to be released on July 30, but then exclusively through the US retailer Walmart. There was one in Germany for a while – but in 2006, after approval by the Federal Cartel Office, Metro AG took over the branches of the US giant, which was never able to gain a foothold in this country. Walmart's Germany headquarters was in Wuppertal on a former prison site. In a roundabout way, it will probably still be possible to obtain the board game for Squid Game in Germany - so far exotic board games have always made it to Germany. Because the series has many fans in this country, it could work.

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