Japanese publisher and game developer Square Enix recently announced new information on upcoming merchandising items. In addition to collectible figures from the Final Fantasy universe, a handsome Wolverine figure can now also be pre-ordered, which was designed by Hitoshi Kondo. Fans are currently saving ten percent on the regular retail prices. The collectible figures are announced for June 2017 and August 2017. All merchandising items can be pre-ordered through Square Enix's in-house internet shop.

From sexy to heroic: New Square Enix Products

The little word game in Square Enix Products has long been known to passionate collectors. All other video gamers and / or comic readers should at least take a close look at the characters Cindy Aurum and Wolverine. The loving and detailed designs actually turn the two figures into small works of art that add significant added value to one or the other fan shelf.

The PVC Cindy weighs around 240 grams, the majority of which is of course her gigantic tool bags (Naturally!). With a height of 280 cm, the young mechanic even towers over Wolverine by a claw's length. The hero from the Marvel universe is just under 100 grams heavier, which should not come as a surprise with his adamantium skeleton. While Wolverine has already been announced for June 2017, Final Fantasy fans have to wait until 08/2017 for the collectible figure of Cindy Aurum.

Much cuter, but less detailed, are the big heads from the popular Final Fantasy video game series. The characters from Final Fantasy VII, the best part of the entire series for me, are certainly particularly interesting. Similarities to the popular ones Funko Pop vinyl figures* are recognizable, even if the collectible figures from Square Enix with a height of just under 4 to 5 centimeters are smaller than their bigger heads. The Final Fantasy collectible figures are delivered in a blind box, the contents of which are only revealed when unpacking: double figures can therefore be included. Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the Final Fantasy figures are expected for 06/2017.

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