If you are really familiar with your favorite sport, you might find it worthwhile to place one or two bets. Then the joy is doubled when the result is actually right in the end. However, there are so many providers on the Internet that it is difficult to find the best one. We look together for the most important selection criteria.

A valid license from Europe is essential

Of course, safety is at the forefront, after all there are more than enough neppers and farmer catchers in the world. Every provider who is legally on the market has a valid betting license, which he presents on his website. It is worth looking at it first of all! The licensing must come from Europe in order to apply to the German market. The MGA Licensing from Malta enjoys particular popularity and is a sure sign of serious platforms. The Gibraltar license and the license from Curacao are also valid in this country. However, if the site does not have a license and maybe not even an imprint, then something is fishy about it: Better to stay away from it!

Also check the fine print for bonuses and promotions

Another important factor is that various bonuses and promotionsthat the providers regularly advertise in order to acquire new customers. These often differ not only in the sum, but also in the conditions. At this point it is also worth taking a closer look: If a provider offers a high bonus for new customers, then it is important to read the small print carefully so as not to be disappointed afterwards: the conditions may not be easy to meet, as it seems at first. But maybe it is really an attractive bargain that is worth taking with you. With your brain and a watchful eye, the difference is easy to tell.

Pay attention to established providers with regular customers

A sports betting company that has been around for a long time and has garnered numerous customers usually offers a safe haven. Especially when there are satisfied users among your own circle of friends who have been using this platform for years. So asking around for the best betting specialist among like-minded people and friends is anything but wrong. Newcomers on the market that no one really knows should be approached with caution. As customer testimonials begin to gather online and a certain amount of testimonials are available, it is time to read them.

Read customer reviews correctly - and use them for yourself

Overall, public ratings and user experiences are worth their weight in gold when it comes to assessing a sports betting provider. However, it is necessary to read them correctly: Unlimited adulation is more like advertising than honest reviews. The total slippage in the midst of good to medium reviews should also make one suspicious.

Customer ratings form a helpful average opinion.
Customer ratings form a helpful average opinion.

A balanced experience report with both positive and negative details, on the other hand, is most likely to be trusted. And it is also wonderfully suitable for comparing the existing offer with your own wishes and thus making a solid decision.

How does the sports betting provider present itself on the internet?

Sometimes the respective providers respond to certain reviews, which can be extremely revealing. Does the company use kind words, does it want to make amends in the event of misunderstandings? Or is it bullying and trying to justify itself in an unfriendly way? The way a provider reacts to criticism speaks volumes. Because notice: Sometimes a customer is grossly wrong, but he is and remains a customer and therefore deserves polite treatment.

Feel for it slowly and get used to it in peace

If you have recently decided on a certain sports betting provider, it is best to slowly approach the game. There are a few different forms of betting that you should be familiar with before going into the big bets. For the beginning, of course, simple bets are recommended, the complex system bets can wait a little longer. There should be more than enough information in the platform's help area so that even beginners can find their way around. Taking your time and reading everything through carefully is the most important guarantee for a smooth start.?